Advertising in a dream

Sleeping process and dreams will finally be studied deep enough to enable complete control over them. Lucid dreaming and programmable dreams are a very handy thing. As you know, people can learn being inside a dream, as well as watch movies, read books, travel to other countries and even worlds - and it doesn’t take much time.

Adware - malware for lucid dreams - will push advertising into dreams, so that people won’t be able to remember viewing it, but the memory from a dream is guaranteed to work out when a person is shopping for a new product.

I agree
I don't agree
Mehmet Ali Atabey who write this ? christopher nolan? 19 Sep 2019
R'àvî Téjâ Mãñüpûrî it will happen but no one want's that 15 Aug 2019
Dominic N Knecht I want real sleep not commercial break although it was a good Idea but I disagree 19 Apr 2019
Crete Greece I want normal sleep, not an 8 hour commercial break 06 Feb 2019
Andrew Buckwell I think I have these already. I wake up wanting Starbucks coffee. 06 Feb 2019
Yuji Develle Somewhat inevitable. Especially if the technology continues on its current trajectory of commercialism, human discomfort could fall victim to the interests of marketeers. 06 Feb 2019
Jeremy Weinland Just because we may not like it, doesn't mean it won't happen. Let's just pray it doesn't. I have great dreams, they'd be ruined if they got interrupted by Lowe's Hardware Store. 06 Feb 2019
superben100 Although it does sound unpleasant, I believe that this will happen. With the predicted surge of neurotechnology research in the coming decades, dreams very well could become a promising platform for virus makers to begin invading. 06 Feb 2019
Naushad Ishani this is just going to spoil our sleep our memories will be filled with advertisements and less of knowledge 06 Feb 2019
Andrew I want to see user agreement 06 Feb 2019
DJ DRAGON Well, Andrew, if you want that, and achieve it, you will stop all wars. However, this is not good technology. Hackers can make the people they hate suffer really badly, maybe even drive them insane. It is possible, but difficult. You would have to change the neurons in the brain to move in a completely different direction. This means we need nano-robots, robots capable of going inside the brain and force the brain to show something they don't want. This is not a good technology in these cases. It can be good if you can control where you are going and not let ads get in. No internet, just a simple system that doesn't connect to a network is good. If it is connected to the internet, hackers can get in. 06 Feb 2019
Антон Дождиков В таком случае я постараюсь купить "блокировщик рекламы" 06 Feb 2019
Paul Ngoma It is possible nice work but we need security 06 Feb 2019
Lordlimabean Despite what people here think, this will happen so long as modern style capitalism is in place. It is often said eyes are the gateway to the soul -it's been a staple of modern ads- but it's your own dreams you should fear. 06 Feb 2019
Pinar Demetci This would be like the biggest dream for large companies but an absolute nightmare for people. That's why Im not sure if it would be adopted. 06 Feb 2019
Christopher Sweezey Oh god no. 06 Feb 2019