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Barcelona 2030

By 2030, we will have substantial numbers of self-driving pods, most will have light rail too and a few cities might have Hyperloop-style rail. There will still be many conventional vehicles so it will be a diverse mixture. The skies won’t have flying cars but will have drones varying in size from small insects through to metres across, doing jobs like surveillance, security, delivery, building, decorating and maintenance. There will also be a few robots doing tasks at street level such as cleaning and deliveries. Planes will look much like today, but there might be a few airships too. A few buildings in each continent will be over a kilometre tall but not many. In a few cases these will be spaceports, launching rockets for a fast-growing space industry. Some new buildings will be very plain, with few architectural features, relying on augmented reality for their appearance. Augmented reality will already make streets seem full of beautiful people, celebs, cartoon characters, aliens and weird animals, as well as streets acting as art galleries.