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Communities of robots

Robots will optimize their economic activities through interaction with each other and man. Communities of robots will unite, just as people, in order to achieve some more complex goals, impossible for one subject. For example, robots-construction workers will build a skyscraper together. It will be hardly possible to estimate all centralized actions of robots in pursuit of one major objective, because each robot will offer certain services according to the level of the competence. Pseudouniversal robots will begin to appear – they will be able to provide a wider range of services due to small upgrades, which will be bought and sold from other robots or producers. But to increase the effectiveness a certain extent of specialization will remain. There will be robots - thinkers who have a more developed neural intellect and can pursue mega goals, break them into sub-tasks, plan and delegate these subtasks to robots - performers. Robots-thinkers will bring these decomposed mega goals in robotic community that will divide them into tasks on the basis of economic principles.