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Data storage and processing centre -The Data Tower in Iceland

The amount of information is snowballing: each transaction, recording, e-mail, each shot from a surveillance camera and even every click of the mouse are stored on servers. What to do with all this? Build a skyscraper for this information, that’s what! In Iceland, a giant data processing and storage centre is being erected: there, servers of numerous world hosting providers are physically located.The Data Tower’s outward appearance resembles a cylindrically shaped motherboard. All hardware components located on the facade of the building can move freely over the entire height of the tower – this makes is easier to maintain servers and their cooling. Iceland is not chosen by chance. It has a successful strategic location between Europe and America. And it is close to the Arctic Circle  which utilises the low annual average temperature to avoid expenditure on a traditional cooling system. In Iceland, the Centre can operate on 100% green energy (hydroelectric and geothermal) for the same or even smaller price than Web services in other areas where networks depend on energy from fossil fuels.  Inside the centre, greenhouses are located (this is where the heat produced by the technology being used is directed), as well as research laboratories, where highly qualified specialists continuously monitor the security of the stored and transmitted data, and develop new systems to prevent cyber threats.