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Designed diseases: ringworm instead of tattoo

Through the ages, Ringworm was a nasty fungal infection - but not anymore! Now, genetically modified ringworm, as well as some other skin diseases, are even more popular than tattoo! You can make them paint beautiful colorful ornaments on your skin, with no harm to health. Same way, tamed Caries is now used for tooth decoration. You may also get some crafted Influenza for creative inspiration, or some Toxoplasma gondii for courage in risky business. Who needs dangerous chemical drugs when there is such a natural alternative! Obesity and depression are cured with special strains of gut bacteria donored by healthy people, and some doctors even recommend their patients to have unprotected sex since it helps to share useful microflora – provided you know your and your partner’s microbiome. That’s why profiles in dating services now include “microbiome portrait” together with other vital personal data.