First floating skyscraper

Dubai has become a construction site for a futuristic skyscraper, “hanging” from an asteroid that orbits the Earth 50 000 km from its surface. The futuristic hotel is literally suspended in the air. The asteroid-satellite that the hotel is attached to has a figure-of-eight orbit and passes the northern and southern hemispheres every 24 hours. After the asteroid was installed in the Earth's orbit, a super thick cable was lowered down and the tower was attached to it. Thanks to the way it was designed, it was possible to build parts and sections of the tower at different locations around the word and then transport them to their final destination. Dubai was considered the best place to start the construction as it is well-known for its high-rise buildings. That's why at one of its peak points, a hotel looms over this city. The structure of the “highest tower in the world” includes a business sector, places for rest and prayers, an agricultural centre and transport stations that can shuttle people and goods between the Earth and this orbital construction, as well as places for shops, restaurants and other entertainment. The two tallest sections of the tower (17 000 to 20 000 metres above the surface) have been designated for religious relics and burials. The highest point of the tower is approximately 32 000 metres above Earth. Electricity is generated by solar panels. Water is filtered and recycled in a semi-closed cycle, replenished by rain and clouds. Although having a skyscraper attached to an asteroid seems like something out of a science fiction movie, this was made possible after NASA successfully finished it's mission to search for and capture asteroids.