Floating Hotel

One of the most interesting projects in Moscow in 2050 will be Luxury Eco-Zeppelins - a floating hotel. Its guests will be able to enjoy an unusual view of the city while flying above the capital. A London-based design company Seymourpowell has created the concept for a future hotel. It’s a vertical blimp, full of hydrogen and equipped with solar batteries. Boarding will take place at special terminals and during the flight you won’t be able to leave the hotel to get some souvenirs.  The airship will move noiselessly without polluting the air because of its hydrogen fuel elements, augmented photo-galvanic elements gathering sunlight on its external surfaces. It can reach the height of 3.500 metres. This hotel chain is being built all over the world and air cruises are becoming a new way of travelling.  The most popular route is «Around the world in 80 days», named after Jules Verne’s novel of the same name.