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Future of messengers

The end of the era of information consumerism. Messengers – in fact, social networks of inner circle – are becoming an integral network extension of the very concept of communication, without them, successful socialization and personal development are almost impossible. The way humans interact with networks is changing. Humanity shifts from  action to interaction, from silent surfing to a dialogue with the neural network. News selection, entertainment or specialized content, compiled on the basis of recommendations of AI that takes into account user media consumption, go directly into the chat. All financial transactions are also carried out  in the messenger. Bots are very close to a full-fledged artificial intelligence, faultlessly anticipating user's actions and providing invisible help to literally every action - they would understand faster than you  what you want and use the overgrown ecosystem of services to book a table in your favourite restaurant, choose and order shoes according to your taste, call a taxi, or  find the last couple of tickets for the event that you are  interested in.