Nizhny Novgorod

Glamorous cyborgs

Botox and silicone will eventually slide into history. Plastic surgeons will retrain as cyber prosthetists. The huge potential market for aesthetic cyber and bioimplants will spur scientific research and speed up their practical application. The health, youth, and beauty industry will enter an unprecedented "glamor arms race”—actresses, models, jealous wives, and image-obsessed men will all crave perfect, sexually attractive bodies (and some might even want tentacles like Dr Octavius). The social conflict between rich "cyborgs" and poor "naturals" will become more acute. Why such a prediction? Just try not buying your girlfriend a new handbag from Michael Kors :) You'll soon discover what progressive types think about you. Incidentally, cyber implants can be charged remotely as easily as an iPhone, and graphene fibers are ideal for synthetic muscles. It's all been invented already. Lastly, no one has outlawed good old titanium, armor steel, and Kevlar fibers in the skin. That’s handy in case a pair of Terminatrixes don’t fancy sharing something or someone, and a deadly style battle ensues involving upgraded bodies. Likewise, "prestige consumption," jealousy, and envy have not been outlawed and are still very much alive. Note: The prediction is based on the author's screenplay/novel “Hack Me! Double Upgrade”©; the work has been lodged in the US and Russia.