2050: No work, all play

The increased prosperity of Mumbai residents has no negative impact on the environment: Factories are switching to waste-free production, green spaces are everywhere, and subsidies for buyers of electric vehicles and a tax on petrol engines keep the city from choking.

The government is also investing in science and tech: Cleaners, waiters, cashiers, and most service staff are being replaced by robots. By 2050, India is closing the gap with other countries in automation — there is now one robot worker per 10 employees in the industry.

Against this backdrop, more people are finding themselves in the entertainment industry — Bollywood, like 20 years ago, is overflowing with new ideas and technologies. Special effects that seemed impossible to moviemakers at the beginning of the century are now part of standard evening entertainment.

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Roberto Menini NO WAY
09 Dec 2022
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Aashu Why in 2050 there will be trailer of bahubali and padmavat shown? 🤣🤣🤣
22 Jul 2022
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CO_BE_A_41_Aditya_ Chache I don't think this will be true
31 Jan 2022
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Shubhankar Chavan India will be the head of world tech industry
14 Jan 2022
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Pasindu Nirmal Silva Don't get the wrong idea. But the current state of India is somehow troubling. The line of rich and poverty is expanding too widely. There are many people lives in bare minimum conditions, or possibly without any conditional state at all. Resources are spread among a limited number of people, undeniable economical destabilizations, the religious wars, and many more problems will occur. In fact, they are already there. But that doesn't mean that everyone should get things for free. What really should be there are opportunities. True, there are great talents, knowledge and wisdom born from that country, but the problem is that those ideas are completely suppressed by a high standard group. I might be wrong on this, but from my experience, it is the truth.
12 Dec 2021
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Harshit Sharma Anytime, Anywhere, Anybody India is ready.
23 Nov 2021
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Jake I think India will be in worse condition in 2050 than today's , my predictions are that within next 7-10 years a civil war will start in India between it's religious population of Hindus & Muslim , we can clearly see this happening I'm expecting turkey and Pakistan will also involved in this and this war will last for 5-7 years i.e. upto 2035-38 then it'll start cooling down but till then Indian economy which is already weak will get crushed and India will have to from scratch and countries like china will benefit most from this.
15 Jul 2021
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Srijan Varma Jake, true but it's a necessary and inevitable conflict, there's no way around it, you can't cohabit with people who thinks it's their divine purpose to proselytise and I think such conflicts will be everywhere where this expansionist religion comes in a substantial demographics, the only way peace can come is either only islam remains or it doesn't
13 Oct 2021
Kaibalya Biswal Jake, damn bruh u know nothing about India. Till date India fought many wars and still developing albeit slower than it's peers but growing nonetheless. Research about India and you will see just how much it's growing every single year. Also if a war gonna happen whole world will succumb to it not only India cuz of global politics.
13 Nov 2021
Shanu Singh Jake, you are also predicting and I think generation change and country change maybe hindu muslim problem can be solve
18 Nov 2021
Red Ice insha'Allah but soon
20 Nov 2021
Harshit Sharma Jake, bla, bla India will grow forever, and civil war has no chance at all. And if you see now something big is happening in India that will be making India a very big economy that must be kept secret. On other hand, persons like me who are studying to get into Engineering college gain so much knowledge before they enter the college even. And the biggest thing is digitalization India has the cheapest network. Hope that the 5g revolution era will also remain cheap. Indian scientists have the main focus on making things cheap to capture the whole Indian market.
23 Nov 2021
Pushkar Jake, I can understand narcissists like you who generally have hatred in thier minds specifically for south asians can't digest it's prosperity and i will not blame you coz you are one of those million people who have " typical colonial mindset" for asians . Coming to development part, you can't even imagine the level of India ! le me tell you some facts you little brat ....
05 Apr 2022
Pushkar Jake, Jake, I can understand narcissists like you who generally have hatred in thier minds specifically for south asians can't digest it's prosperity and i will not blame you coz you are one of those million people who have " typical colonial mindset" for asians . Coming to development part, you can't even imagine the level of India ! le me tell you some facts you little brat .... 1. What you said India's economy is weak ?? We are 3rd lagest by PPP (11 trillon dollar and 5th largest with 3.2 trillon dollar) India will be the second largest economy by PPP (44 trillion dollar ) and GDP ( 34 trillion dollar) ahead of US by 2050 2. Coming to infrastructure:- We hold many world records by per day construction of roads and railways , and being an indian .. eventually even i can't predict the level India will have 😊 and coming to railways , we will be having metro in 100 cities ( currently we have in 15 and 15 are under construction in 2022 only ) RRTS , metro neo, electric buses and cars ,we are building HSR from 2019 and by 2050 we will be having second largest hsr corridor only behind china and i heard the US still hasn't figured out about it 😂 lol 3. Coming to civil war , I want to give you a fresh about boy ... currently in April 5th , 2022 ...... A. Northwest of india There's a war going between Russia and Ukraine B. South of india is a country called sri lanka where economy crisis is going on and people have nothing to it and whole govt has resigned. C. East of india is a country called Myanmar and there's military rule over there D. West of india is a country called Pakistan where PM has resigned and then currently don't have PM because of internal tensions E. Northwest of india is a country called afganistan where civil war broke and Taliban rule is there And you know whats happening in my country which is situated in between all these , People are enjoying the largest cricket league in the world (IPL) chilling in their homes. haha ! so don't joke on India over these civil war 😂✌️ And there are many more but at last i would like to conclude one thing is that Either you can HATE India or LOVE India but UNFORTUNATELY you can't IGNORE MY INDIA ☺️🇮🇳. IT HOLDS AND IMPORTANT POSITION IN THE GEOPOLITICS ALSO LOL WHERE RUSSIA TOLD INDIA TO MEDIATE BETWEEN RUSSIA AND UKRAINE 😂✌️.
05 Apr 2022
Pranav Dixit There is no chance and anarchy in the universe. All is system and gradation. Every god is there sitting in his sphere.
09 Dec 2020
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25 Nov 2020
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Bhakti Dua "Govt investing in science and tech".. Prior to that we must get strong foundations of education, health & infrastructure..
07 Sep 2020
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Devesh Tatkare Can you notice that there is bahubali movie and padmavat movie at 2050😂😂😂😂 it's funny.._😁
06 Sep 2020
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Jaideep singh Verka Devesh Tatkare, based on every thing going on, remake pe remake culture ya know, I think that's quite possible 😂😂
11 Oct 2021
franki insane Jaideep singh Verka, 😂
25 Jan 2022
james hell yeah
22 Feb 2020
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Ivan Zotov к4к43
12 Dec 2019
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