AI and robots take over the music industry

AI technology and AI robots become the predominant force in popular music, in terms of both generating content and performing. Robots equipped with advanced AI tech will be able to generate and perform original music in a live performance customized to real-time audience inputs. The playing, singing, rapping, dancing and stage work will be superior to those done by human artists and performers. AI music will dominate the charts and inspire a new generation of human artists who work behind the AI and robot performers. Some live shows will combine physical robots with holograms, while others may be limited to the one or the other. Large numbers of people will attend live concerts in the comfort of their own homes through augmented reality tech and have direct input into the experience they want. They will be connected to their “concert-going” friends all over the world who share similar tastes in music, and it will feel as if they are experiencing the concert together in a real venue. Venues for these AR experiences will be user driven; every audience member will be able to pick their favorite venue/concert environment and still be with their friends from all over the world in a completely realistic virtual environment.

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Mazariegos Aguilar Julio Darikson I think in this prediction there are many events that could happen. Today there are already concerts where a hologram or avatar performs a concert and a lot of people around the world can see this performance, but it is still controlled by humans. I think the 2030s is really early for an AI takeover of the music industry, but perhaps AI robots or AI in general will create the music and a person will perform the song. Music is a thing that is preferred to be performed or created by a human, I remember the history when the first music machine was made, people love the machine, but they feel it had no soul, just a repetition of the same songs, but a musician can create and improvise, and that is the idea of this AI that will be able to create and improve and adapt to the musical tastes of every person in the world, it is probably achievable, but it takes time to achieve it.
06 Sep 2021
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Nick This prediction is, for me, a dystopian future. Humans were born with music in their brains, their DNA, and their soul. Having AI replace humans in music would be a bad thing to do. It might be OK if we code the AI to perform music that we create, but if they create their own music? That would be going too far. Humans have the need to create some form of music, even if it’s just humming a tune to themselves. Taking away the ability to create music would be bad for our mental health. Now, I’m not trying to interpret what you’re saying the wrong way. I know that you mean that we could still make music, but AI music would be more advanced and better. So, that means that a human music artist would not be able to become popular, and not many people would want to listen to their music. Underground music clubs would develop so that humans could express their musical creativity. Heck, this kinda thing could even spark an AI vs. Human war.
22 Feb 2021
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Юрий Бурак Nick, don't worry, pop isn't music ;)
03 Jul 2021
BETZAYDA VICENTE-PELICO Why would we want this to happen? Does this mean that human singers will cease to exist? What about people's dream(?)
25 Jan 2021
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Mikail Ekmen Its possible, ai technology already working on this and evolving every day
18 Dec 2020
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BETZAYDA VICENTE-PELICO Mikail Ekmen, Would we replace human singers? Why?
25 Jan 2021