Images instead of text

Information in a text format all but disappears, giving way to its visual embodiment. First, newspapers went out of business, having, predictably, lost the battle with the Internet. They have disappeared in developed countries. Books are going to face the same fate soon. People’s ability to perceive textual information worsens: electronic gadgets have taught them to visualise, which is easier for comprehension. Educational programs are based on visual information, which makes them more primitive and shallow. An in-depth education on the basis of textual information has become a rarity, available only to the rich - it has strengthened the stratification of society according to education and intellect.

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Frank Junior Caron Before being able to understand an image, you get to have to learn alphabets, then words, then structures, then naming, to fully understand the complexity of an image. OFC appealing to senses does works, but it works only if they've got the referents before through peers
12 Dec 2020
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Ebenezer Majesty Sahr LEIBA Then reason why we need text its to understand what is it or what probleme
18 Oct 2020
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Kevin Culli Communication via text is much more efficient than images, conveying a larger degree of thought than a single image or even a video in a much smaller physical space and with much, much less bandwidth used in transmission and display. For this reason, I can't see textual communication replaced (if at all) until much, much later in the future, when thought transmission becomes possible. My best guess for that timeframe would be post-3000, if humans are still around by then. Even then, such an advance would also face some major social and cultural hurdles before being implemented in a widespread fashion.
16 Oct 2020
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Vanadana Tv By 2040 we have to save Text. Alert Alert 🚨 .We wanted you to save text from problems. Text will be for the poor and the rich
19 Aug 2020
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Albert Jackinson Visualization will increase, yes. But text disappearing? No. That is not possible. Reading and understanding text is too ingrained in our society and our species. This is not going to happen anytime soon. Text is the foundation for everything...even pictures and videos! You need to read text to understand visual information. Reading and writing are not going away anytime soon.
26 Mar 2020
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Henrique B. Martins Oh god please no, reading is atemporal
31 Oct 2019
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Supersmashgaming Just because we are advancing dose not means we won't need text anymore, but I do feel like they may be used less.
21 Sep 2019
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Lukeson Gaming i don't think this will make things easier, we will not be able to know all the details on what something is.
06 May 2019
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Marriette Deckard I agree with Owen Shaughnessy on this one. Language requires both verbal and written functions to operate well. Even oral languages have written versions of them that might involve abstract pictograms, symbolic representations of objects that are written and encompass a deeper meaning. Further computer languages are all text based and require textual commands to operate. Therefore you need written languages to create more of these systems. Media even on the Internet is still text based and that is not likely to disappear anytime soon. It seems more plausible something like this will happen when AI goes sentient and computers can program themselves and even then it will take more than a few decades for books to disappear. We have had books for thousands of years going as far back as the middle stone age, they aren't going to disappear anytime soon even if we have a purely visual world.
30 Mar 2019
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Owen Shaughnessy Meh, I don't think so. You need to be able to read and write to be able to create more of these systems. If anything, the education system is going to heavily emphasize text based learning. I can't type pictures. I type with letters. Letters make words. Words make sentences. If I can phrase it easily like that, I think we'd still be able to understand what it is in the future.
22 Mar 2019
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Codo Fleckins While having something represented visually is easier to perceive , the ability of a person to speak will slowly deteriorate.
06 Feb 2019
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potato and abandone the 3000 year inventon that makes us modern humans???
06 Feb 2019
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Alex Joseph Lau Numbers are still going to stick around. They are important. Navigating through devices requires a mixture of symbols, pictures and texts as well. So texts are here to stay.
06 Feb 2019
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