The world in 2050

Predictions about the future tend to overestimate the speed of technological development in the short term. Such development is never a leap forward, rather a smooth, gradual, complex process that unfolds over a relatively long period of time. 
In 2050, humankind will see improved current technologies, not fundamentally new ones. The process of introducing environmentally friendly technologies will be gradual, and not ubiquitous. Medicine will not make any significant breakthroughs, but there will be incremental progress. Average life expectancy is set to increase by two years. The implementation of advanced technologies will happen faster in some countries. There will be a significant rise in social and financial stratification. Large cities will grow and population density will increase. The most technologically and economically advanced countries will engage in a new space race and new crewed missions to the Moon. Technologies will progress stepwise. By 2050, these changes will have transformed human life.

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Igor Beuker We are in the middle of the fourth industrial revolution. Under the hood of Industry4.0, dozens of exponential technologies are popping out. Too exponential for our linear minds. That's why incumbents keep failing, and the outsiders and outliers are taking over. Humanity will change more in the next 30 years than in the previous 300 years. However, technology can empower or control society. We have seen the rise of totalitarian technocratic regimes. Tech in the right hands, or human-inspired social innovation, can make the world a cleaner, brighter, fairer place. The future is about being imaginative, not about being right. I have seen outiders and new companies, taking over entire industries in under a decade! That's not even possible when we look back or wait for science to prove what is a fact already. Google Facebook duopoly: 7 years! Tesla's market cap bigger than 8 car brands combined. Sci-fi is becoming reality, sooner than we think. Math Men like Bezos, Musk, and Branson.. are flying back2back with NASA. That has already happened. It's not even futuristic, it's old news. Where do we lose our imagination? After Walt Disney? In the process of becoming an adult? Let the robots and AI do the repetitive, heavy, and stupid work. We humans can use our ancient intelligence to do mindful and heartful jobs. Work that gives us income, freedom, fulfillment and joy. Maybe I'm a tech-optimist? Or I just believe in social entrepreneurship and social innovation. If we use technology smart, and if we could find and fund 10 more Boyan Slats? Our Oceans will be plastic free by 2030. It's a mindset game. Exponential technologies can do it so fast. If we can see a brighter future, we can create it. Good night!
03 May 2021
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Adolf Hitler Igor Beuker, technology is in the hands of totalitarian technocrats still, and Google/Facebook/Amazon/Tesla/whateverelse are in no way small companies anymore and we don't see anyone beating them - all of the "small enterpreneurship" that could "rival them in 7 years" is either bought out, suffocated at the phase of conception or destroyed when they become big enough for them to care. As long as those companies hold the capital, they will continue doing everything to ensure their technological monopolies and the rise of the revenue. As soon as Apple took the bigger part of the mobile/smartphone sales pie, they stopped innovating and started pumping out marketing and planned obsolence features. Capital isn't interested in improving anyones life, and I can bet all my money that we won't get richer after ai/robots take over our jobs. We just wouldn't be needed anymore.
18 Oct 2023
Ктулху Доброго времени читатель , это интересный форум и я его только нашел 26.02.21. ,и все обсуждают как там будет через 29 лет ,какие прорывные технологии ждут нас: нано органы железные плозмо руки ,альтернативные источники топлива и тп. реально вероятный исход событий проще -не выгодно делать копеечный источник энергии пока не продали огромные запасы нефти и природного газа , возможно из заэтого начнется 3 мировая и мы впадем в регрес возможно те предположения о которых говорите вы начнутся чуть позже , возможно я заблуждаюсь , но такая штука это все то что мы ожидаем от 50 г скорее всего уже есть просто надо продать все технологии по возрастанию дабы срубить большую прибыль или сделать илюзию .................................................... ........................ . Вот короче говоря изменения в лутшим варианте будут но не такие грандиозные . в даказательство некоторых слов могу дать факт что Тесла открыл беспроводную энергию но его фиксанули по тому что он прыгнул на голову прогресса выше . ну поживем увидим .актуальная фраза и через ... до машины время ни лет. надеюсь все будет хорошо не будет генацида .войн. выпуска вирусов с целью сокращения населения , и прочей хери .надеюсь мой пост не удалят потому что я говорю в цвет и еще кое что не по теме . Как правильно яблоко .
26 Feb 2021
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Юрий Бурак Ктулху, сокращать население бесполезно, оно растет не на "Н человек в год", а в разы
16 Aug 2021
Юрий Бурак Юрий Бурак, войны постепенно уменьшаются, а продажа технологий не делает их забитыми
16 Aug 2021
Юрий Бурак Юрий Бурак, *забытыми, кроме того, прогресс идет по экспоненте, ведь десять тысяч лет назад, переместившись во времени на сто лет, человек не будет шокирован прогрессом, а барин незадолго до революции, попав к нам, получит инсульт от машин, самолётов, не поймет компьютеры и интернет, а то, что у всех есть водопровод и все читают/пишут на родном и английскоим, вплоть до крестьян, это совсем шок
16 Aug 2021
Horst S. Martin "Predictions about the future tend to overestimate the speed of technological development in the short term." Please deal with the processes of "turning quantity into quality". With this you can recognize that quantity does not simply grow, but at a certain point can / will turn into a new quality.
14 Feb 2021
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William Herbert I totally disagree because Christ is advancing all technology, look .
05 Feb 2021
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William Herbert William Herbert,
05 Feb 2021
Christopher Garrard Very pessimistic take. I would imagine that by 2050, crewed missions to the moon will be routine, considering the space race has already begun.
06 Jan 2021
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Eibot Horus Don't agree. If you look at the speed in which we advanced the last 50 years, this has not been gradual at all. 50 years ago we lived in a fundamental different world. As has been 50 years before that.
18 Nov 2020
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Engin Çalışkan Eibot Horus, aynen öyle çok doğru soyluyorsun
24 Jan 2021