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Charging fashion

Moroccans are also very particular when it comes to traditions in clothing. But even if the appearance of traditional clothing items remains the same, their qualities change drastically, thanks to technology. For example, the djellaba, a traditional Berber robe, is still long, loose, and hooded, and it has wide sleeves — but it is now made of synthetic materials that collect and use solar energy, or else trap body heat. This robe is perfect for any weather; it can be warm or cool. And even better, a modern djellaba can change colors at the whim of its wearers. Every year, digital collections of trendy patterns are uploaded to the fabric’s memory. Exclusive prints from leading world designers are expensive but chic and are very popular among more well-off Moroccans. Fashion houses are very careful with their works now, guarding them from hackers. Sometimes, though, they are not successful, and their creations are leaked a few days before their official premiere.