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Moscow 2040

Urbanists and architects have wanted to include the whole length of the embankment into the city space for a while and now they are finally making this dream come true. The Moskva-river is becoming an important arterial road. 39 global and local centres of city life with river ports are being created along its length. Almost the whole adjacent zone is being transformed into an infinite array of parks which makes the river the main recreational centre of the megapolis. For example, in Mnevnikovskaya poima (a floodplain) there is a parliamentary centre with residential neighbourhoods, and sport centres are being built as well as a surf-park and a dozen other parks and gardens.  The concepts of centre and periphery development differ: as the river approaches the Kremlin, the embankment becomes greener. The Moskva-river is now connected with the Yauza and Setun, and a green promenade is being constructed along the Vodootvodny Canal. Cleaning the river from drainage has become more important: surface streams are filtered using ecological islets, special flora is planted on the riverbed, and the soil on the waterside is recultivated.