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The era of driverless cars

According to futurist Thomas Frey, by 2030, robots will replace human drivers. This will solve the problem of road safety and traffic management. But at the same time, it will leave huge numbers of people out of work: thousands of taxi drivers, truck drivers, couriers, together with traffic police and medical workers, because the level of comfort and safety on the roads will reduce the number of road accidents. The most important thing is to ensure the cyber security of one’s car, or the attackers will be able to make your vehicle ride into the middle of nowhere, or worse. The spread of unmanned vehicles made the problem of parking in the central areas of cities irrelevant. After dropping off passengers, the car searches for a parking place autonomously, somewhere away from the centre - for example, you can program its computer to choose the cheapest parking. At the designated time, the car returns and picks up the owner.