Everyone is now connected by super-fast internet connectivity

Elon Musk's influence grows even more than it already did back in the 20's. After receiving additional funds from the government, Elon Musk is finally able to improve Starlink into such a powerful connectivity apparatus, that everyone on planet Earth is able to receive high-speed internet for a highly affordable price.

I agree
I don't agree
Rvan de reep Due to social inequality, demographic, politic,have to disagree.
14 Oct 2022
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Spyralfish The Starlink Service is actually already available, I think the reason for starlink in my opinion it will allow Tesla cars and products access to the internet not just your phone and computers, This will revolutionize The Automobile in a big way
26 Feb 2022
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Emily Internet Service Providers have far too great a control on the legal system and monopolies over major regions. Further, limitations with satellite connections will be too great to have "high-speed" internet through it.
11 Jan 2022
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Rifat Rakete not in Germany..
31 Oct 2021
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Fahad Alharbi he got lotof money from oracle founder and google and other mega funders..if not work by 2025, do no sea any government support if successful, he will upgrade his network
21 Sep 2021
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Oleg Latyshev The Internet, as the world's most powerful advertising and trading platform, should only be paid for by advertisers and merchants, and not by users of the telecommunications network. This will be a great compliment from merchants to every visitor to the network. As for the actual use of the Internet, this process itself will rapidly change its characteristics. The Internet of Things will track failures in the work of any thing, and repair any thing remotely without the knowledge of the owner. A collection of failures will go to the manufacturers and then to the inventors of these things. This will help make each subsequent model significantly better than the previous one. If it turns out that it is impossible to fix the thing during its operation, then the owner should not contact the workshop for warranty repair. A representative of the company must immediately appear on the doorstep of the owner with an apology and a replacement copy of the out of order thing. As a sign of apology, he will be presented with either a significantly improved model of a thing that has failed ahead of time, or some useful souvenir from the company.Интернет как мощнейшая в мире рекламная и торговая площадка должен оплачиваться только рекламодателями и торговцами, а не пользователями телекоммуникационной сети. Это будет великолепным комплиментом со стороны торговцев каждому посетителю сети. Что же касается собственно пользования интернетом, то сам этот процесс будет стремительно менять вои характеристики. Интернет вещей будет отслеживать сбои в работе любой вещи, и чинить любую вещь дистанционно без ведома хозяина. Коллекция случаев сбоев будет поступать в распоряжение производителей, а затем – и изобретателей данных вещей. Это поможет сделать каждую следующую модель значительно лучше предыдущей. Если же будет выяснено, что починить вещь в процессе её эксплуатации невозможно, то владелец не должен обращаться в ателье по гарантийному ремонту. На пороге владельца незамедлительно должен появляться представитель фирмы с извинениями и заменяемым экземпляром вышедшей из строя вещи. В знак извинения ему будет вручена любо существенно улучшенная модель вещи, раньше срока вышедшей из строя, либо какой-либо полезный сувенир от фирмы.
26 Aug 2021
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Asher Pfanku The rest of the world is leagues ahead of what we see in the US. The advent of commonplace, high-speed internet is coming, but it hopefully won't be controlled by a tech mogol like Musk.
29 Jul 2021
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Jeff Louis If this wasn't so highly deadly and toxic to our planet and our bodies and brains and nervous systems I'd give it a thumbs up, but in this case :-(
27 Jul 2021
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