An epidemic of food riots sweep the planet

Riots caused by food shortages have swept across many regions of the world. The international community is facing collapse due to the fact that the demand for food is constantly exceeding production capabilities.

According to experts, the growing demand is exacerbated by such factors as climate change, water shortages, continuing globalisation and increasing political instability.

Unprecedented population growth and changes in consumption patterns along with the economic development of a number of countries place ever-increasing pressure on mankind to meet the demand for food.

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DT The demand for food is artificial, the entire world produces enough food to feed everyone 3 times over. Economic inequality is the reason for hunger. In order to solve the food and water crisis, you need international cooperation and redistribution of excess resources 08 Dec 2019
Quinton I agree 19 Sep 2019
Firdevs Firdevs i igre, 19 Sep 2019
Dominic N Knecht With all of the crashes terrorist and diseases I dough that we will soon run out of food and matter of fact we could have an over production and a stock market crash again so I disagree but I am only 14 what do I know? 19 Apr 2019
machi China's food technology can help Africa get rid of hunger 21 Mar 2019
Marriette Deckard I agree with Kyle Jonnson up to a point. Technology will not ultimately save us without a concurrent change in our political-economy, with any luck vertiginous technological advancement will provide the impetus for a restructuring of how we run human affairs. I have some serious doubts that humanity will rise to the occasion, 40 years of neoliberal indoctrination, and elites doing all they can to immortalize their supremacy will be quite the fire-fight for the rest of us to be up against. Here's hoping some future crises becomes the thing that tears this system down and gets us towards o post-scarcity world with universal access. 14 Mar 2019
Kelz Marie Poor political jurisdiction can lead to food insecurity thereby giving much probability to this prediction. 02 Mar 2019
Mahmoud Khattab this is predictions might be massively inaccurate, we don't know in what ways things will go, someone might invent something that would change all these calculations 06 Feb 2019
Kyle Johnson Exponential technologies are quickly making this a non-issue. We're moving towards a world of abundance, not scarcity. 06 Feb 2019
Devin McLaughlin I agree with Kyle Johnson. 06 Feb 2019
Observer 3463 Africa as a continent is one of the most potent market and producer in the world, with considerably high growth rate in both terms of manpower - which in the intelligence economy would offered huge advantages for those who possessed them - and income per capita. Massive investments around the globe would have been sent to Africa in order to help the growth engine of the planet to boost with even a faster rate. The demand for food will be met by the advancing technology and the expanding economy. 06 Feb 2019
person lit site fam 06 Feb 2019
Paul Ngoma We can save the world together 06 Feb 2019
Armepos The problem with hunger is not scarcity. Just look at how much food gets wasted in supermarkets across the world, especially in Europe and North America. The distribution of food and economic inequality between countries and, social sectors are the reason people starve. As long as injustice continues, the global system will remain the same. 06 Feb 2019
Stefano D'Adamo All too likely. the marvels of biotech are going where the big bucks are - that is, not to Africa. Famine has ultimately economic and logistical reasons - little to no money + little to no transport infrastructure+drought/floods/whatever = hunger. 06 Feb 2019
Edwin Muriyaden Wilson Food production is going to take a huge leap forward with technology leading to quality, low cost food for all 06 Feb 2019
Jack Weiss I agree with Kyle Johnson. With technologies such as GE we are quickly moving towards a world of abundance. The only reason countries in Africa have limited food is lack of water and resources. 06 Feb 2019
Yusouf Ibraheem Nigeria is a green land rich in food. So theres no way the country will someday face starvation. But will grow in Science and Technology. And almost 25percent of the world population will be feed from this Great Nation. #elsoonfy 06 Feb 2019