Arctic free of ice in summer

The Arctic region is the most sensitive to global warming – its temperature is rising two times faster than elsewhere in the world. The "Ice cap" of the Earth is melting rapidly, and by the middle of the XXI century, water expanses of the Arctic are almost free of ice in summer. This certainly opens up exciting prospects for military and commercial fleets. Light yachts, sailboats and even surfers are also actively exploring these  newly-accessible areas for recreation.

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ayşe nur yeşer tüm buzulların erimesi demek dünyadaki bir çok kıyı şeridinin su altında kalacağını göstermez mi? Heyecan verici olur mu bilmem ama orada yaşayan hayvan popülasyonu ve biz zavallı insanlar için kötü olacağı kesin.
25 Jul 2021
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Ктулху а если серьезно у человечества практически нет времени , это за компом ты сидишь и пишешь так , а ты займись этим и поймешь что сейчас в притык , а потом мы не успеем!!! смерть ждет людей как вид , если ты не встанешь , а ну собственно мы не чем не повлияем не отнас зависит , а от них , а они говорят от них , а те в свою очередь от них говорят, ну ты понял шансов мало .
26 Feb 2021
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Ктулху не ужели люди не могут искуственно понизить температуру например химикатоми тономи жидкого азота сухим льдом климатическими установками. облака же разгоняют . денег жалко (, на севере бункер гитлера хахахха) hahahahahaha
26 Feb 2021
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John Gill I mean, this is hard to say, assuming the melt rate from 1970 to present continues, then yes, we'd probably have no ice left by 2060 to 2070 or something; however, since 2005 there has been little change in the ice extent, and the current sea ice extent is only a little lower than what it was in the 1920s to 1940s. So maybe, I'm really not sure.
27 Apr 2020
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Adem TAŞ böyle bir şeyle karşılaşırsak bir çok insanın ölümüne sebep olacak bir olay
14 Oct 2019
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Jensen Ellard Giant solar* reflectors. Fricken autocorrect.
31 Mar 2019
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Jensen Ellard Let's hope there's still time. Climate scientists recently accelerated their warming predictions and stated things are worse than they thought. This lead to the "only 10 years to turn things around" and gave a new urgency to climate legislation. Those scientists could easily say in the next years "we didn't account for xyz. It's too late to stop runaway greenhouse effect even if we stopped all fossil fuel use today." I believe we're already in that boat and some reversal technologies will be required whether it is giant soace reflectors or cloud seeding, etc.
31 Mar 2019
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Alex Wolf There's enough time to avoid such a situation. If we reverse or at least halt global warming 'now' (ie up to 2030s), this is a reversible situation. I personally wouldn't like to see this scenario materialising though I do believe is something we can avoid. With the reduction of fossil fuel and other measures it is within reach.
06 Feb 2019
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Rohan Its going to take more than a 100 years for the artic ice to melt
06 Feb 2019
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Sam There is still time to stop this. If *certain people* would stop erasing laws and rules put into effect to prevent this in the United States, and lost the ignorance of artificial global warming, than maybe people would understand the global warning.
06 Feb 2019
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Oscar Y Maruxi do to the global warming the arctic would melt but due to to the frigid tempatures there would still be ice with the sun getting hotter and hotter in the summer there would be no ice
06 Feb 2019
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