Gender expired society

Humans will not have an unconscious bias regarding gender and sexual orientation. Individuals will not be even asked or questioned about those characteristics. All humans will be treated the same with no distinctions or discrimination.

Many gender neutral names will be given to babies and binary languages will rapidly adopt more neutral gender forms and nouns.
A bisexual or genderfluid superhero will be seen as absolutely normal. The traditional concept of the family will be re-evaluated. Individuals will have more freedom to fluctuate between what today are considered gender specific behaviors without feeling constrained. Fashion will also evolve towards a gender expired society.

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esteban0501 xd bad ending
01 Nov 2023
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Zuzuk Daniel I'm not saying that I would like a gender-expired society, but the world is moving in that direction. How will it be with pairings between humans and animals? Everything will look different. Not pleasant, different. The sentimental relationships between children and parents will seem like barbaric relationships of possession and belonging in the future. It remains to be seen how soon society will change and especially how many of us will adapt...
13 Mar 2023
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mavryk while this can be a hope for the future, given the status of the economy and the bias that already exists (specifically in the US) within the people, not to mention the influence of religion, this idea would likely not be achievable. While a small amount of people do own gender-neutral brands, and families are raising their children genderless, I doubt this will be achieved by 2050. A concept like this would take hundreds of years. To further prove my point, the bible, a book worshiped by many, took more than this small time frame to develope. Meaning that to undo its influence, it would at least as much time to develope peoples minds to accept this future. xoxo, mavryk
28 Nov 2022
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Ellie Rose-davis the name martha is already outdated but what if someone wants to be called martha raven or lillie
26 Aug 2022
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Dumbo lol, 2050 you crazy people will be extint.
24 Jul 2022
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Alejandro I don't think this is good at all but it will happen
22 Jul 2022
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Jair Sanabria Rios Best agrede
22 Jun 2022
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AH Frederic Puch Lol.. don't worry........enjoy urs Life's
14 May 2022
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Hector Franco What a horrible future you're telling here
13 May 2022
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Cllectible Crafts IDK
25 Feb 2022
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José Luis Jiménez Ulloa "1000 years from now there will be no guys and no girls, just wankers. Sounds great to me." - Renton, Trainspotting
21 Jan 2022
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Emily You do realize this prediction is for 2040.. yes? The generations of people living with gender socialization is not going to "convert" that rapidly. Nor will undeveloped states who are still enforcing norms around Marriage and Sexuality in ways which the west sees as immoral.
11 Jan 2022
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Santiago Villegas Emily, I agree with you. But Colombia has no laws against sexuality or marriage, the U.S however, does. Not a topic that has to do with "development."
30 Jan 2022
INVOLVED martn a
11 Jan 2022
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jose abraham chora hernandez saquenme quiero ver si se ve bonito
04 Jan 2022
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David Salas ¡¡hay que salir de latino América antes de que pase todo eso!!
30 Dec 2021
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30 Dec 2021
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El Checho Ok
30 Dec 2021
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Rush Alvarado So... all your view is about how people create a whole society based in nothing but sexual orientation.
23 Dec 2021
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Katja Konrad I really hope that we can come to the point were gender is not a relevant point anymore. I think as long as we don't have the technology (normal to everyone) to reproduce without the womens body, we can't really archieve that. But nevertheless we can move towards: equal payment, less violence against women and LGBTQI*, replacement of the "traditional" familiy, abolition of religions that teach all those stuff (of people being not equal)
11 Dec 2021
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Diego Andrés Garcia Santafe CHIDO
23 Nov 2021
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Leidy Soler chebre
22 Nov 2021
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TC Skips Feeling are subjective and people are different, man, woman, individual. It's only tiny minority that feel as you do. Most people identify with the gender they were born as and people are free to choose whether to follow stenotypes for their gender or not. Treating people exactly the same regardless of gender is something alien to most people and animals and I believe would be a tyranny for the majority of people. Denying people's true gender denies a fundamental part of their existence and I don't believe that would be a constructive or positive development in our society for most people.
09 Nov 2021
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Sammy TC Skips, I don't know, but it's not saying it will enforce gender neutral society. It's simply saying it will be more about the individuals. Not just their gender. The gender doesn't have to have a major role in everything. Like men have to make the first move, or women should take care of the kids. It will just be about who can and who can't. And who cares if you're a guy that wants to wear pink or purple kind of situation.
22 Jan 2022
Marcos Palma Paez ami no me gusta por que no me entre se queda trabado
09 Nov 2021
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Johannes Gamboa Iwoqwvwoqjsqivdibq0ajqbs2owdbwksv
29 Oct 2021
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Ismael Gomez Excelente...
27 Oct 2021
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