The era of an emerging post-heterosexist society

Now, in the year 2050, in Western societies there is widespread acceptance of same-sex love and sexuality. Since the early 2000s, public understanding and support for lesbian, gay and bisexual (LGB) people and their human rights have soared. We know that human culture evolves. Sexual behaviour is part of culture and therefore it too has evolved - and it will even continue to evolve in the future. We already know, through a host of diverse sexual behaviour surveys, that bisexuality is a fact of life, and that a significant and growing proportion of the population are open to both opposite-sex and same-sex attraction. Taboos around same-sex relations have receded, and many more people are having same-sex relationships, even if only temporarily or experimentally.

The demise of homophobia makes redundant the need to assert and affirm LGB identity. Historically, LGB identities are largely the product of prejudice and repression. They are a self defence mechanism against homophobia and biphobia. Faced with the persecution we have suffered because of our sexuality we’ve had to assert our right to be LGB. Hence the emergence of a LGB identity and the LGB rights movement.

But now in 2050, when one sexuality is not privileged over another in the West, defining oneself according to one’s sexual orientation is no longer necessary. The need to assert LGB rights and identity has declined massively. 

Since no-one cares who loves who, or who has sex with who, the need for a LGB identity has diminished. Nowadays a person’s sexual orientation doesn't have the social relevance and significance that it used to have.

The majority of people, are today (2050) open to the possibility of both opposite-sex and same-sex desires, even if they never act upon them. It is not an issue anymore. 

People no longer feel the need to label themselves as lesbian, gay, bisexual or straight, because in this emerging post-heterosexist society no-one cares about a person’s sexual orientation. Desire and love transcend now sexual orientation in the West. We are free and equal humans.

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Rocco Salerino I see this being possible in western or westernized countries but homosexuality has historically been a boogeyman used by authoritarian states, like in Russia where homosexuals are blamed for many social issues that actually have there roots in the corrupt government.
23 Nov 2020
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Alex Всегда хотела жить в мире, где никому нет дела с кем ты спишь, как выглядишь, чем занимаешься. Абсолютная свобода!
16 Jan 2020
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Nycrosoft Alex, Google translation: "I always wanted to live in a world where nobody cares who you sleep with, what you look like, what you do. Absolute freedom!"
21 May 2020
Anton_S Hell no
07 Jun 2019
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Max Anton_S, go to hell
02 Mar 2020
Nycrosoft Max, While I do not agree with the original comment, your comment seems even more uncivilized. Why fight even if you have opposing views or one is right and the other is wrong? Try to not let your emotion take control and forgetting that 'us vs them' is just an illusion as we all have something in common: being human. Shouting at each other will only lead to more misunderstanding.
21 May 2020
blakedcook the world wont accept it, although i wish they did
28 May 2019
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Marriette Deckard I selected yes because I hope this will be the case in 2050. I have some lingering doubts however. Even with growing acceptance it may take only one major crisis to create a fertile ground for scape-goating that could once again find LGBTQ individuals finding themselves thrown under the bus once again. Climate change could generate disasters that give rise to new religious movements that could attempt to roll back the advancement that LGBTQ individuals have been able to secure. Keeping my fingers crossed that we truly do evolve into a post-heterosexist world and that our religions catch up. Any idea that religion will disappear is foolish at best so best now to develop theologies that reflect changing realities in addition new techno religions will emerge as a result of new technological advancements, let's hope as part of the umbrella of these a more open sexuality will emerge con-currently with these strange new theologies. ONE CAN HOPE! You know I am working towards this liberated and brave new world!
14 Mar 2019
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Keltr i agree, but my mom is homophobic
11 Mar 2019
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