Global warming: "Titanic" city

Good news: out of all of the climate change scenarios suggested by the UN, RCP2.6 has worked out, that this is the most optimistic one. All States have realised the seriousness of the global warming threat and rallied their forces to work on common goals.

Bad news: it's still far from a happy ending. The Sea level has risen by dozens of centimetres, the Earth's surface temperature has increased by almost one degree. Floods are becoming more frequent. Rich and experienced countries like Denmark and the Netherlands have time to build a protective fence and manage to save coastal communities from flooding.

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Khaled Huda We must plant seeds, we must ensure the future is "grown", and we must plan for trees of the future, regardless of the fact that we won't be around to reap the fruits or enjoy the shades. We must leave this place a little better than we had found it. No?
21 Sep 2022
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Khaled Huda mention the geograpic significance of your forecast specifically for Dhaka, Bangladesh. The artwork deserves a concept write-up that will do it justice.
21 Sep 2022
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Khaled Huda Yes, okay, you are stating the obvious, but thank you for that regardless. The work is stunning. I live in Dhaka. You could've mentioned that "with an inch rise in global sea-level, more than 80% of Bangladesh(Capital, Dhaka) will be underwater." When that day comes, we would be the first and only people best defined by the term CLIMATIC-REFUGEES.
21 Sep 2022
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Ariful Haque Allah will Save us All.
21 Jul 2022
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Ariful Haque Global sea levels are rising at an alarmingly fast rate — 6.7 inches in the last century alone and going higher. Surface temperatures are setting new heat records about each year. The ice sheets continue to decline, glaciers are in retreat globally, and our oceans are more acidic than ever. We could go on…which is a whole other problem. The majority of scientists are in agreement that human contributions to the greenhouse effect are the root cause. Essentially, gases in the atmosphere – such as methane and CO2 – trap heat and block it from escaping our planet. So what happens next? More droughts and heat waves, which can have devastating effects on the poorest countries and communities. Hurricanes will intensify and occur more frequently. Sea levels could rise up to four feet by 2100 – and that’s a conservative estimate among experts.
21 Jul 2022
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Tom PhaXton Just Imagination, Fake ,LOL
20 Jul 2022
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Khaled Huda Tom PhaXton, well, of course it is fake, you nincompoop. EVERYTHING HERE IS ABOUT HOW "THINGS MAY BE" IN THE NEAR FUTURE, things that are yet to happen. How can any of it be real? Stop acting the fool, you fool. GET SOME IMAGINATION OF YOUR OWN AND ACTUALLY WRITE AN ORIGINAL FEEDBACK. Why else are you even be talking, right? I WOULD FURTHER POINT OUT THAT THE ARTIST GETS 10 IN 10 FOR IMAGINATION, YOU GET THE SAME, FOR SPEWING IDIOTIC VERBAL EXCRETIONS. #BEbetter
21 Sep 2022
Lotifur Rahman Hi there! Im from Dhaka the Capital of Bangladesh. I belive that it may will happen. May Allah save us from this Situation
17 Jul 2022
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Sofia Castro First of all, I love the art, I think it really captures the situation and by that, I am not the most acknowledged person o the topic but it is truly alarming to see that we had tons of years and the conversations have been going around on the internet and still most of the population ignores it, I hope there´s a chance of saving most of the land in the countries and that, in case this happens, we are able to get along with the situation and coexist in a more conscious society.
28 Sep 2021
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Lucaas Azivedo Sofia Castro, coexist you say...forget 2050 rn now at this very moment Bangladesh's sole purpose is to eradicate all the minorities like hindus and Sikhs and many other. First think about saving them or else there is a Thing known as Karma
19 Oct 2021
Khaled Huda Sofia Castro, the art's fantastic, right? Excelsior.
21 Sep 2022
Martínez Godinez Diego Hasel It is time for what we do about it with the care of the environment, since we ourselves are ending it when we least expect it, we will realize that it is the end of this planet and we will lose all the wealth that we have as human beings and living beings, with this type of scenario that some governments of different countries propose, we will advance considerately but it has to be on the part of everyone from the smallest to the largest.
08 Sep 2021
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Vera Campos José Luis Global warming is a problem that today has affected the world completely. The main consequence of this environmental problem is rising sea levels, because the poles are melting. The prediction is interesting because the construction of protective walls is a good option to preserve cities that may be flooded over time. Although it is important to visualize if the construction is optimal and the life of the wall.
06 Sep 2021
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Nazlı Yıldız I agree because Global warming is increasing day by day and measures are not enought. This is a threat to both us and other living thinks in the future. Your work is amazing
12 Aug 2021
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Shoaib Mukit InshaAllah, Allah save us.
16 Jul 2020
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Mariama Banora Shoaib Mukit,
01 Oct 2020
Tuana Şoaib Mukit, Amin broo
18 Oct 2021
Demir I didn't understand this underwater country is a good thing?
14 May 2020
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Isaac Chau I agree because Global warming is dangerous because it will destroy cities and this will be the biggest problem
14 May 2020
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Mehmet Wow, your work is amazing. And I totally agree with you
27 Dec 2019
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Danish And most of the well known Islands will be going to erased from the world map by that time.And what will be the consequences,extinction of specific species and humans.
07 Oct 2019
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