Stolen mind

In 2050, our mind can be "uploaded" after death. We won’t be immortal, but our mind, knowledge and experience will feed in to the future internet. This may bring the old "body stealing for medical research" to a new level, where these minds could be stolen or deleted if ransom is not paid by the relatives.

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Alex Sadly, the mind is completely inaccessible, and as much as humans want to and have wanted to upload the mind, create mind control, and use sci-fi-like mind stuff, scientists do know where the mind is located, but can't find a way to translate the mind to computer use, as it is attached mainly to the human consciousness, and less of the brain itself. Scientists have also confirmed it would take a computer with trillions and trillions of terabytes of space to even hold one day of a human's conscious thoughts, as the mind tracks EVERYTHING that happens, including every phlank second of data that the eyes, ears, nose, nervous system, tongue, brain, and literally every other sense that your body picks up, traveling to your mind at the speed of light. So accessibility of the mind most likely isn't gonna happen until the human species is at a Type 2+ civilization, and currently after maybe 100K- years on this planet, we're a type 0.71 civilization.
23 Feb 2021
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HASAN Yes I am sure that it will be in the future, but I think it takes after 50 years
10 Dec 2019
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Ece Çolpan It is possible but I don't think it is gonna be that soon.
18 Sep 2019
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Георги Владимиров I don't think that would be possible after 33 years, because the brain is too complicated and have to do alot of reaserch about how even to get those toughts of being alive. But i think that idea will shape all the meaning of life and death. But that way will be part immortal which if the world don't change the people with money and power will be here forever.
06 Feb 2019
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Dale Warren There are several leaps that make this implausible. 1. We don't understand the physical processes the brain uses to store information as memories. We DO know it's vastly different than a computer hard drive. For example: We remember a smell.. We can remember thoughts and feelings We can even remember remembering something. We have nearly 0% understanding of HOW the brain stores all that information. 2. This would require technology capable of processing memory info into an electronic format compatible with computer software. This too would require a lot of expensive research into a very specific subject. The practice would also have very limited commercial value. Who would fund the research and development? 3. The ethics are dubious. Recording ever last minute and personal private memory is more than a little creepy. This creep factor is exponential when that data is being transmitted throughout the world wide web. No information network is 100% safe... And anything that makes its way to the public will be accessible forever. Do you want your children to be able to access your most private sexual fantasies? Or their friends? I could go on, but Ii think my point is obvious.
06 Feb 2019
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Nirmallya Bhowmick Yes, it can be happen in future but not in Seol.
06 Feb 2019
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