Stolen mind

In 2050, our mind can be "uploaded" after death. We won’t be immortal, but our mind, knowledge and experience will feed in to the future internet. This may bring the old "body stealing for medical research" to a new level, where these minds could be stolen or deleted if ransom is not paid by the relatives.

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yasin91y i agree
30 Aug 2022
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Maar toch I agreew
25 May 2022
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morteza khodabandeh Very good
21 May 2022
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Annedrea I agree
27 Apr 2022
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เตวิช เอกนฤนฯ. .
15 Mar 2022
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박선하 i agree
05 Mar 2022
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Nadzif Nur Rizqy I agree
14 Feb 2022
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Muh. Rafly Aditya Syah I agree
11 Feb 2022
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JongHyung Bahc I agree
24 Jan 2022
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george abd elmeseeh I AGREE
12 Dec 2021
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Pritesh Suradkar I agree
15 Oct 2021
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Thon Baluyot-Catenza i agree
04 Oct 2021
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30 Sep 2021
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Patrick M Kelley GFGG
29 Sep 2021
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Danna I agree with this idea, over the years the technological advances have grown and this adds to the people as part of the change. Not only is a change sought for social improvement, but also to advance as quickly as possible. I don’t doubt that one day we will depend one hundred on this and our body will have new technologies. As long as research, studies and medical work continue, we are close to this! Although this technological process could be risky due to the number of deaths, there could be other problems such as organ trafficking, etc.
29 Sep 2021
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Gabriela Franco I agree with this idea, I had always thought about what to do with my organs after death, but never with my mind, it is curious that we will have to buy our memories and everything we learned during the years of life that we had.
28 Sep 2021
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fateme bashiri how can I see the map
23 Sep 2021
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김민준 see
21 Sep 2021
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Araz Yes
08 Sep 2021
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Angel Padilla It is a fact that with the speed that the human advances, technology may be possible to do this of transferring the mind to the Internet, but really if that happens it would be dangerous and it would also be a little difficult to understand.
07 Sep 2021
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Méndez Flores Nadelyn Paola Unfortunately it is very difficult to enter into the human mind, since we will never be able to understand the mind and it would be a danger to carry out that since it would not be occupied for something good; as it would erase or steal the minds if the rescue is not paid?. It seems to me a bad idea apart from the fact that if you just understand our own mind, we will understand another mind that is not ours.
06 Sep 2021
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Alex Sadly, the mind is completely inaccessible, and as much as humans want to and have wanted to upload the mind, create mind control, and use sci-fi-like mind stuff, scientists do know where the mind is located, but can't find a way to translate the mind to computer use, as it is attached mainly to the human consciousness, and less of the brain itself. Scientists have also confirmed it would take a computer with trillions and trillions of terabytes of space to even hold one day of a human's conscious thoughts, as the mind tracks EVERYTHING that happens, including every phlank second of data that the eyes, ears, nose, nervous system, tongue, brain, and literally every other sense that your body picks up, traveling to your mind at the speed of light. So accessibility of the mind most likely isn't gonna happen until the human species is at a Type 2+ civilization, and currently after maybe 100K- years on this planet, we're a type 0.71 civilization.
23 Feb 2021
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HASAN Yes I am sure that it will be in the future, but I think it takes after 50 years
10 Dec 2019
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Ece Çolpan It is possible but I don't think it is gonna be that soon.
18 Sep 2019
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