The International Ocean Station

Following several unsuccessful attempts, the International oceanic station has opened. Just like the ISS (a space environment research laboratory), it becomes a global research centre for the study of the sea and finding more efficient ways to combat environmental disasters. The Ocean Station structure is quite reminiscent of an ordinary village: there is a residential unit, a farm to grow plants and fish, scientific modules and a floating power station that produces energy from sunlight and the wind and the movement of waves. To ensure its effective operation, scientists have designed a purpose-made single cable that combines electrical wiring, a water pipeline, an air-conditioning system and data transferring structures (of course, protected!).

The Ocean Station takes on the aesthetics of a living organism: it can change its configuration depending on weather conditions - it shrinks in order to avoid being torn apart by the waves and the wind, or it expands in different directions, giving more space for seaweed or fish farming.

Open Sailing, a scientific community that is based at the station, conducts research in different areas. For example, it constructs robotic mechanisms for getting rid of contaminants in the ocean, it engineers mobile aquaculture to maintain long-term support for human life at sea and looks for new alternative sources of energy. It also develops global standards for purely civilian Internet, moderated only by its users, not governments, businessmen or the military. After all, the idea of freedom and independence is equally close to the global Internet as the vast expanses of the world's oceans!

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Elias Andrade Parada lo mismo freddy garcia
16 Jun 2023
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FREDDY GARCIA Excelente deberia plantearse y ejecutarse ahora en el 2023 es tan necesario
05 Jun 2023
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ali Gee
29 Apr 2023
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Orrin Gray But I don't use iOS
22 Feb 2023
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Артёмка ko';jp'kip'
07 Jan 2023
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ALİ I agree, but I hope we don't pollute and ruin the oceans.
19 Sep 2022
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Edilson greet
20 Feb 2022
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thodorisKon .
11 Feb 2022
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maxr bruh whys this only gon happen in 2050 and not the past yrs when there wasnt any pandemic happening
07 Feb 2022
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Maks O .
10 Dec 2021
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Johannie van As This is all described here in detail
17 Oct 2021
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陳柏焜 dd
15 Oct 2021
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Nikbmc hurensohn
25 Sep 2021
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Tuguldur Tuuguu J
21 Sep 2021
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liabo molapo this is one way to discovering more of the ocean like space
19 Sep 2021
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frankbenny pattinasarany bgnsf
18 Sep 2021
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Mercy I believe that this will happen in 2050 since pollution has strongly impacted the ocean and with this it could help aquatic animals a lot.
08 Sep 2021
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Fuentes Medina Elias Isai It seems to me an incredible idea and especially the way it is proposed to ensure proper functioning but nevertheless to achieve that we must face a problem which is ourselves since generating such a project can be difficult due to our little coexistence and harmony.
07 Sep 2021
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Izazaga Garcia Gerzain That's amazing! I think that the station can help to give us a awareness about take more care to the marine animals at the time to throw trash in the beaches, too the structure of the station it's interesting 'cause it's adaptable to the different situations of the sea... Cheers for everyone from Mexico :)
06 Sep 2021
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lith Rinxey .
19 Jul 2021
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zulkifli mackawaru hi
13 Jul 2021
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Paul Boubée Bonne idée mais un peu irréaliste
21 Jun 2021
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pq i dont know
06 Jun 2020
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Максим админ hbe54he
20 May 2020
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Dylan Great idea
05 Sep 2019
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