Traditional antibiotics will become inefficient

By 2040 the largest cities in the world will be located in Asia and Africa. Mumbai, Delhi, Kinshasa and Lagos will each be home to over 30,000,000 people. In these megacities, population density will have reached saturation point. Meanwhile, the overuse of generic antibiotics for over a century would have selected for multi-resistant strains of common pathogens. Traditional lastline antibiotics would have become largely inefficient.

While the upper classes will have access to state of the art facilities, revolutionary gene therapies and effective vaccination to fight diseases, sanitary conditions, access to healthcare and a balance diet will be extremely limited for the masses of poor city dwellers. Tuberculosis, SARS, pneumonia and diarrhoea will become deadly diseases again, wiping out entire families. Millions will die every single year from preventable infections. Containment measures will be the only solutions to prevent pandemics until new classes of antimicrobial agents are finally discovered and mass produced.

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Harsh Shah I just saw the 3D map of the year 2040 and im sure there wont be ladies selling fruits and vegetables carrying on their head on streets. The artist of this map should be some indian I guess.
20 Jun 2023
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Assassian Creed what about "HUMANOID"
11 May 2022
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Tom Serjeant well yes but i think this is a basic "oh no we gonna die and there nothing we can do about it" cuz once antibiotics become obselete the same mutations that have allowed that have been speculated to make bacteria more vulnerable to phages
18 Mar 2022
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Siddhesh Khetle Too much difference in 2030 to 2040 prediction
29 Oct 2021
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Oleg Latyshev The emergence of the saturation point by 2040 will lose its relevance, because very fast transport will carry passengers over arbitrarily long distances. Therefore, more and more townspeople will occupy new territories, without interfering with the life of the former. The more people there are. all the better. Over time, people will become convinced of the limitations of many of the capabilities of robots, and it will take BILLIONS of living working hands!
22 Aug 2021
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cold frost antibiotics are only obsolete to people who constantly use them. as-long as nobody intentionally spreads diarrhoea and other common illnesses then they should still work because we ain't constantly battling bacteria. am i right? idk XD. don't bully me plz. just enlighten me
08 Jul 2021
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Reem Alzain cold frost, I could be wrong, but I think it's a common practice in the animal agriculture industry to feed animals antibiotics so they would survive the conditions on factory farms. So, the vast majority of people are indirectly consuming antibiotics by eating animals and are developing antibiotic resistance.
06 May 2022
Ebenezer Majesty Sahr LEIBA that will be a yes
17 Oct 2020
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mypie mcgaming While I think it is true that most, if not all, of the antibiotics used today will become obsolete by 2040, in judging antibiotics as a whole, we have a problem. The term "antibiotics" broadly describes compounds that are able to inhibit the proliferation and/or the survival of microorganisms. There is no single, overarching mechanic that governs antibiotics. So while certain individual antibiotics provoke resistance in bacteria, we as humans will likely sustain an ongoing march to discover new antibiotics that use different and (this is key) never before used methods of inhibition as our old ones decrease in efficacy and use. Bacteria don't become resistant to "antibiotics;" they become resistant to individual (or sometimes combined) chemicals that are classified as antibiotics. So we will simply always be on the hunt for new chemicals.
11 Jul 2020
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Milkzeys mypie mcgaming, But like if that population prediction is true, do you think they would even have enough new drugs to go around especially for people who are in the poor category.
22 Dec 2020
曾无畏 I think yes
28 Apr 2020
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Ravi Rk nice
18 Oct 2019
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Riyaj mohammad Yes thats rights human being will face these tipe of problems if population incresing like present time
09 Aug 2019
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GuRi MaAn N Ni Nic Nice
04 Mar 2019
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