Human body tech: from prostheses to immortality

As areas of technological progress go, human body modification is one of the most exciting — yet one of the most unpredictable in terms of potential impact. The benefits are undeniable. Losing a limb will no longer be a stigma — far from it. Mass production of artificial organs, from hearts to eyes, that completely replace and even surpass the originals will ensure a life that is both productive and long.

Body augmentation is sure to go beyond its purely medical application. It will be hard to resist the temptation to become stronger, prettier, or more suited for the work you do literally overnight — even if that means parting company with some lesser biological material. Jaws will drop when you enter the Body Shop and walk out transformed, or treat yourself to a new sensory organ that totally alters your perception of the world.

But will the augmented ones still be “real people”? How will these cyborgs be perceived by more conservative segments of society? Will we have mixed families, schools, hospitals, and sports teams? Or will humankind become stratified by type and number of augmentations, creating a new kind of class system? Will the rapidly progressing technologies prove vulnerable to external attack, turning the new titans into obedient puppets in the hands of biohackers? And will our electronic intestines become surveillance fodder for powerful corporations or the state?

And that’s even before we get to brain augmentation. Implants instead of smartphones will enable you to order pizza or chat with a colleague using the power of your thoughts, or create a memory store for your entire conscious life with guaranteed security and easy search and scrolling. Now you’ll remember where you put your keys not only the morning after, but two decades later. Nerve cells will become enhanced. And finally, somewhere in the distant future, humans will achieve immortality of consciousness — either with our minds stored in a machine or with the brain replaced by nanorobots.

But as ever, the greater the opportunities, the greater the risks. Concerns about personal data leaks will be supplanted by worries about thought privacy. Forget phishing sites; tomorrow’s hackers will lure victims into a fully immersive phishing reality, erase their memories, and construct botnets out of people.

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Yusuf Kağan Altaş Böyle birşey olsa bile hükümetler izin vermez ölümsüzlük ve artan bir nüfus böyle şey olmaz
23 May 2020
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10 Apr 2020
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Rurikoji Чистой воды Deus Ex
30 Dec 2019
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Jacob S Scary as shit
16 Dec 2019
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okan baran maybe in the future but I thing 2070-80..
29 Nov 2019
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Chris Grant I am curious on the advancement that has already taken place and what or when they will offer for people to be in trials for some of the human enhancement tech. Can anyone shed some light on when they think this may happen?
24 Nov 2019
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Davina Marie Eve Elgazzar Humans have only survived and thrived because of technology and their intelligence. Humans are physically inferior to most animals and we have used machines to make us stronger. Physical augmentation is not much different than using a spear. It’s just using tools to enhance our lives and increase our survival. The human brain is just like a computer and the human brain being enhanced with technology would make us more human because enhancing ourselves with technology is the most human thing to do.
23 Nov 2019
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Darko Dimitrijevic None except Almighty God can make something like an eye. Everything what we make is just a try, commercialization, and so on. It could serve, but definitely not as a really true eye. But, there is something else what is coming out from Russia. So called programmed steam cells (I hope I wrote it correctly), which can replicate almost 99% of every tissue in human body. Just one injection of this one (nano-programmed) and your messing body part will start to grow as it would by baby - from the beginning - almost right away :)
08 Nov 2019
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