Underwater cruises

Just a few decades ago, a holiday on a hot beach was the highlight of the year for many people, but now underwater travel has caught on. So much beauty can be observed during these underwater adventures: the Great Barrier Reef, the Mariana Trench, countless schools of exotic fish, whales and deep-sea squids, the migration of lobsters to name but a handful. The itinerary and duration of a journey can be selected by the individual. What was once available only to a lucky few experts can now can be seen by everyone. Finally, holidays have become truly unforgettable thanks to underwater hotel liners.

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Çağan Yetkin Seyit Bence olur. Zaten bir kaç yıl önce Mariana Çukuruna inildi. Birisi basınçtan dolayı mecburen karaya çıkmak zorunda kaldı, öbürü de ulaştı ama sadece orada şeker ambalajı buldu.
07 Oct 2020
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murat demirtas Çağan Yetkin Seyit, burdada mı türkler bu kadar çok :D ilk yorumda seni gördüm
16 Dec 2020
Ada Gursoy I think the underwater ride will not be done. Actually it can be done but; I think it will be very difficult to go deep into the pit of mariana and so on, with this technoji.
28 Sep 2019
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Douglas Ludtke I agree, eventually there will be submarine cruises that carry passengers on weekly tours of the oceans and seas. Tours that travel to ship wrecks, such as the RMS Titanic and rent space for sleeping. These subs will have giant glass viewing ports, large restaurants and coffee shops.
02 Apr 2019
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Renato Genestra Can i start to pay for a one bedroom now?
06 Feb 2019
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Mari and eventually they will destroy all corals causing an imbalance in water ecosystem which is fragile at this very moment. Have we forgot climate change? Have we forgot about whale poaching an indiscriminate overfishing. Will there be fish and other sea animals to apreciate due to our untenable way of living?
06 Feb 2019
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Casey Kurtis I agree with this, but the Great Barrier Reef will probably not be a very popular destination. Almost 95% of the Great Barrier Reef has been affected by bleaching, and it has reached 'Terminal Stage'. The chances that it will survive are pretty slim.
06 Feb 2019
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volker janssen The stage in which the Great Barrier Reef is and the delicacy of this very vulnerable eco-system will make it hard to fulfill the predictions made.
06 Feb 2019
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Derek Balke While I think this idea is very good from a ecotourism standpoint. In person underwater travel is exceedingly expensive and technologically intricate. I do not think that corporations are going to develop this anytime soon and with the increased proliferation of underwater remote operated vehicles and autonomous vehicles and augmented and virtual reality technology; I see telepresence tourism as the future for underwater travel as it is not fraught with legal issues (what happens when a submarine cruise ship looses watertight integrity, sinks, and implodes near the sea floor?). Now if the cruise ship is more of a semi-submersible hub for control of itinerant ROVs for the guests to virtually experience their adventures I can totally get behind that, or even if it had small pressure rated descent vehicles for the top paying customers to visit in person, I think that could work too, hey James Cameroon has already done something like that. Not to mention such a limited approach method to visiting these environments is much better for preserving them in the long run. I only hope that these environments will remain the places of natural wonder that they are now, time will tell if ocean acidification will take is horrific toll in full or if these environs will recuperate. The Great Barrier Reef is already dying at an alarming rate due to ocean acidification so I think that such a plan for ecotourism is very much dependent on implementing a solution to increase the pH of the oceans waters in a controlled and environmentally safe manner, otherwise these tourists will see little more than wastelands and mass graves of what used to be beautiful and exotic ecosystems unlike anything else on Earth, all before scientists even got a change to properly explore them. This brings to mind another point, such tourism endeavors should only happen after oceanographers and other scientists have surveyed the locations comprehensively to understand the risks of such interaction with humans to these environments, and it might have a side benefit of directing these excursions to the most interesting and alien parts of these environments for maximum wow factor.
06 Feb 2019
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Shreyas Sharma I am surprised to see no city of india..........
06 Feb 2019
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