A new source of fresh water for agriculture

Agricultural decline in most countries is linked to the fresh water shortage, drought and, as a result, the loss of fertile land. A chronic lack of fresh water for irrigation could jeopardise the entire industry, so an efficient and cost-effective way to desalinate sea water is needed to give a chance to restore crops around the world. Until now, most attempts at seawater desalination have turned out to be too expensive and energy-intensive.

By 2040, a new, efficient way to desalinate sea water has became available: it uses nano-tech graphene. This is a modified carbon layer one atom thick, which became the basis of the membrane that allows only water molecules to pass through and has the requisite strength for continued use. This method of desalination makes it possible to produce fresh water on the massive scale necessary for farming and at a low cost.

It will be a real salvation for Central Africa and Latin America, a hope for survival in a prolonged drought. Also, it will give the opportunity for countries with rich marine resources such as Cyprus, Greece, New Zealand, Australia, Madagascar, India, South-East Asia to develop agriculture more effectively.

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deadly__rules Are there any downsides to this technology?
02 Sep 2023
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Andrés Medel Sánchez Lara And also force the industry to have more sustainable processes, do we really that the amount of products they sale to us? At least in Mexico, the soda industry is one of the most that takes rivers and lakes water. Many countries and small cities do not have enough water because these industries are taking their natural resources and taking them to another place, it does not returns.
21 Aug 2023
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Andrés Medel Sánchez Lara I think it may solve the effects but not the cause. In my opinion we should be focus on the way the water we use is being polluted, how it is been processed. Make efforts on cleaning the dirty water we already have, without it we will have only more polluted water and land. Will the future of sea will be the same as rivers and lakes?
21 Aug 2023
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Lakhdar Bensafedine hi
01 May 2023
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Sami Donne good
06 Apr 2023
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Ala Gozim السلم عليكم
07 Aug 2023
Billel Benguita بلال بن قيطة gooooooooood
23 Dec 2022
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Hmoma Chach gooooog djoooob
22 Dec 2022
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smail haoues GGGG
21 Dec 2022
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20 Dec 2022
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19 Dec 2022
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Mohamed A. Elmeged جامد
30 Oct 2022
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Õbę Ēy tmanyekch algeria has a bright future in agriculture hhhhhh
15 Jul 2022
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You Nes ...
18 Jun 2022
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Mohamed We need Vision 360
13 Jun 2022
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Mohamed No we need more ..
13 Jun 2022
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Abdelmoumen Zaim jjjj
01 Jun 2022
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عباس بوشريط algeria
31 May 2022
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Jalal Tanjawi gg
27 May 2022
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Rãhîm Âb ok
17 May 2022
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Bartholomew Roberts 99
26 Apr 2022
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Kader Belourzel bonjout
17 Apr 2022
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gueret stephen Bonjour
14 Apr 2022
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Loay Abu Snenah RW
09 Mar 2022
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Hammou Redouane we need more
28 Feb 2022
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lokman salem attia alger ?
31 Jan 2022
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Vassili Dokoutchaïev lokman salem attia, fi alger ghi la technologie ansaha
13 Mar 2022
brahim sebti 2
23 Dec 2021
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Omar badis وروني الجزائر بليزز
13 Dec 2021
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oussama guettou Omar badis, hhh the same problem
17 Dec 2021
bryan mauv tg
21 Dec 2021
hakim hhhh
22 Nov 2021
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aidenben In most regions of the world, over 70 percent of freshwater is used for agriculture. By 2050, feeding a planet of 9 billion people will require an estimated 50 percent increase in agricultural production and a 15 percent increase in water withdrawals.
07 Oct 2021
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David Already been done. CSIRO has developed a graphene filter which can clean & desalinate polluted seawater. Search "Graphair".
30 Aug 2019
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Craig Graphene in the mineral of the Future. See what happening from Solar, heat, protective paints to Supercapasitors for mobile devices and electrical Vehicle's. I have access to 100 million ton Graphite deposit, gold and copper. Need partners and $110k to secure the option and rights to purchase for $6M. Then $100m to develop a International seaport mining, manufacturing, and Suppling the workd with Graphene Profucts. 2-5 years we can be setup for making $billions. Any Investors in this group? Craig
16 Feb 2019
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Sindbad K I’m interested. Give me your email.
12 Dec 2021
deadly__rules Craig, I'm a teenager and can't make much money, but is there anything I can help with? I want to contribute to improving the fate of the Earth.
02 Sep 2023