Life as a service

People will stop buying things. They will buy a subscription to a certain standard of living - the area where a person lives, the level of cleanliness and food healthiness, the car he/she drives, the school his/her children can attend - all this will become a components that constitute this subscription to a certain living standard. That will lead to even greater class stratification.

Many people will not waste time on household routine, various daily duties. Time, which has always been the most valuable resource, will become a new kind of economic relations between people. Even now people who play a key role in society or occupy high positions can’t afford to waste time walking to the grocery store. The time spent waiting in line, can be easily converted to money. Services that relieve people from daily routine tasks will emerge. They will be automated to the max and united by categories based on the quality and cost of services provided: ranging from elderly care to VIP service. All household issues will be delegated to the domestic service suppliers of different quality levels.

I agree
I don't agree
Brooke L Wood This is already happening. The amount of ownership with cars and homes are rapidly deceasing 21 May 2019
Neil Although I voted yes, It is not all positive, as companies providing these subscriptions will not always deliver the best quality or reliability of service. Some Companies may experience difficulties with source, supply, communication or other slow down. Subscription type services may become a yo yo type of trend, here for several years then a decline for several years. 08 Apr 2019
Victor Muraviev True, maybe not that soon, but who knows? I had a similar idea once before. 16 Mar 2019
Alan Cache This isn't a prediction, it is happening now. The prediction is that it will increase and more people will take advantage of it. 06 Feb 2019
Braden Currah Seems like the exact opposite of what we're striving for. I feel like this would dehumanize people, turn them into a product. 06 Feb 2019
Hazonku As Joe said, this is already life in Silicon Valley NOW, as well as D.C. and Dubai, and many other places that are the centers of influence, power, and money. There are already entire classes of people who literally go on "vacation" to partake in the quaint experiences others call everyday life. The only prediction here is that this will be more widespread. 06 Feb 2019
Tim Suetens Terrifying. This reminds me of video games being replaced by 'live services'. Supposedly to benefit the consumer, but really to line the pockets of CEOs. Do you want EA to be your ISP? No? Then why appoint EA to run your entire life!? 06 Feb 2019
Paul Ngoma I digress in the sense that we can control technology 06 Feb 2019
David Goodwin Slightly chilling concept. 06 Feb 2019
Moises Blanco StarTrek concept in a more modern state. 06 Feb 2019
Bambonio I think this is quite a stretch for most people in 2050, but its a neat idea 06 Feb 2019
Mert Tuğral İnsanlar zaten para kazanmak için para ödüyorlar. Kesinlikle artacaktır. 06 Feb 2019
Alejandro Lara People already pay to live a crrtain way. It will definetely increase. 06 Feb 2019
Devin McLaughlin This is an awful idea, having people "pay" to live a certain way. Not only that, it would create an even greater divide between social classes. 06 Feb 2019
Guido Brosca It seems too much futuristic to be possibile so soon, but it is already happening and it's named "servitization". It'part of the industry 4.0 revolution. 06 Feb 2019
Joe M Stevens if you live in Silicon Valley this is your life already. 06 Feb 2019
DJ DRAGON This would bring the Indian caste system into reality for all humans. It's already bad enough--buying a life--but this makes money much more valuable. Money would have to fall under one currency for each continent or something like that. Orson Scott Card predicted this also, except much later. He said that the world would fall under one Hegemony of the world. This causes much more problems. Assassination would start becoming popular. The claw for power would get worse. World Wars would happen more and more often. And all this because people want you to "buy a life". No, I do not agree with you. Unless we get into interplanetary colonization, we would all die. 06 Feb 2019