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As most of you may already know, when there is seriously bad weather in south Louisiana, New Orleans tends to flood a bit. And with Global Warming the way it is, well, that is not getting us anywhere good. Many of us already know that the sea levels are rising because of the thermal expansion caused by the warming of the ocean, and the increased melting of land-based ice. This is causing ocean levels to rise. The Mississippi River Delta and coastal Louisiana are disappearing quite quickly. Louisiana has lost 2,000 square miles of land since the 1930's, and this is still ongoing. As you are reading this, we are losing land.

Therefore, by 2050, New Orleans will most likely be underwater. However, there is a possibility of an Underwater City. Although no one knows for sure what the future holds, we can still theorize and make predictions. Maybe somebody will invent a large, thick glass dome, which will be placed on the ocean floor. And the water will be vacuumed out of this dome, into the ocean, creating a large air pocket, basically. This will be anchored to the ground, so the air does not lift the entire dome. Besides, we could set up large and strong tubes to attach to the dome, which reaches the surface, so we can have clean air to breath. These tubes obviously must be made of some strong material to keep sea creatures from destroying it. Besides, with the underwater pressure levels being what they are, that would be harder to do.

Speaking of pressure levels, though, if humans spend enough time underwater at survivable levels, then the human race might slowly adapt to the pressure, therefore being able to survive the pressures deep in the ocean. Either that, or we will not be living entirely at the ocean's deepest bottom, but closer to the surface, where it is still survivable.
Now, as you are all reading this, perhaps you are wondering, "What if the dome is attacked and breaks up?" Well, that is the thing. I am not entirely sure. The glass dome would be reinforced in some way. Maybe there will be steel or iron bars covering it like a cage, protecting it from submarine ships, sea creatures, etc. But still, maybe reinforced glass is not enough? It would have to be made of some special glass that is extremely hard to break.

And even if this is somehow possible, we can save New Orleans. Perhaps, we can even have a fancy name change. How about “New Atlantis”?

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LT - 02GM 893783 Nahani Way PS you shit you fuck
30 Oct 2020
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LT - 02GM 893783 Nahani Way PS what the fuck are you talking about
30 Oct 2020
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John Gill I mean, New Orleans problem is more land subsidence than anything, the city, and entire delta, has sunk several meters in place due to channelization of the Mississippi river, flood control, draining of wet lands, and draining of the aquifer. Now I can't really see why we would spend hundreds of billions of dollars building underwater cities, when we can just go 1 meter higher in elevation and move to cities already in place.
27 Apr 2020
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Joseph Roth Let's just pray that doesn't happen! (I live on the N orthshore on a 125 ft. tall hill anyways, so I think I'll be ok.)
26 Jan 2020
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James Studer use the tesla cybertruck glass
11 Dec 2019
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