Puppet master

Exoskeletons, advanced implants and prosthetics are common and advance humans in many ways, such as physical power, extended functionality and compensating weaknesses. As all of these technologies will be connected, meant for the good, criminals abuse the control mechanisms to control humans to their needs - think of a puppet master.

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khalidkha08 ok
26 Jan 2022
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Asher Pfanku It all depends on how good people are at updating their software, and how good the companies are at staying on top of things. If things continue their current trend, this will ABSOLUTELY be a problem in the future.
29 Jul 2021
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cold frost i think that there would be a enhancement that only sends out rather than receive since it could control or disrupt you
08 Jul 2021
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Jim Myers While upgrades to our bodies, both mental and physical, are likely to be ubiquitous in the future, it isn't that hard to make your own systems proof against remote attack. I can think of several ways off the top of my head, starting with requiring a hard jack in to even access the software.
18 Jun 2021
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Юрий Бурак Jim Myers, представь, просыпаешься, а рядом кто-то сопит над ухом и умный дом такой говорит: я предупреждал что надо обновить системы безопасности, всего-то $999 ежедневно, для монополистов это дешево!
03 Jul 2021
Юрий Бурак Юрий Бурак, yes, to pirate and copy averything is just lifestyle in postUSSR, just like "oh, theese funny old things, shamans, exorcism, paying for programs, yes lol"
03 Jul 2021
Asher Pfanku Jim Myers, that just closes off one section of your attack surface. Infections on the type of device you describe would probably still happen, since you would need to plug-in to a device that IS connected to update or manage the software. That's when the injection would happen. Cyber-criminals would just hyper-specialize rootkit-style malware to remain dormant on those connected machines until it detected a prosthetic device, then rapidly inject the payload.
29 Jul 2021
King_Lizard ok
13 Jun 2021
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Hau Min Thang Yes
03 Jun 2021
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TommyTheCooGuyYT Yes
10 Feb 2021
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Derwish Sayar herşey mümkün olabilir varsayım için biraz yaklaşmış olmalıyız.
08 Nov 2020
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Ebenezer Majesty Sahr LEIBA cool
17 Oct 2020
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Zolen I don't think we will quite reach the point of it being common by 2040. The tech will likely still be prohibitively expensive. If they do spread at all, as far as civilians go, only the well off crippled, and construction workers would likely have them at this point. Even when they start to become common, what would be the point of doing that? The tech would likely be incredibly complicated, meaning remote control would be very obvious because of how massive the data packets would have to be. You'd get caught, and you can't exactly do much with a few crippled people who likely would have kill switches on their devices all ready in case of bugs or hang ups.
02 Jul 2020
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Robi St.Antoine I don't see the puppet-master scenario playing out at all. The devices will likely be equipped with kill switches and anyways, what would be the point? Better to just steal and hack the exoskeletons for their own personal use in order to carry out their nefarious deeds.
29 Jun 2020
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NewStand I'd like to make a prediction that most of these predictions won't matter, and most of these locations and cities will be irrelevant...
03 Apr 2020
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whyisthesheep Samsung has invented an exoskeleton called Samsung GEMS so fingers crossed nobody hijacks that!
03 Mar 2020
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袁少凯 yes
07 Nov 2019
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gaven lol
06 Nov 2019
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Bilgi Seven yes
10 Oct 2019
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Coldpassion 有意思
18 Sep 2019
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