Robot Rights

We draw: a picket of several robots in the centre of the city with posters where slogans in binary code are written.

The Widespread development of robots and artificial intelligence have necessitated the creation of an appropriate legal framework. A set of documents that regulates the rights of intelligent robots has been elaborated. Subsequently, this code is constantly updated and improved.

I agree
I don't agree
Zolen Maybe eventually, based on how far AI tech has gotten by 2020, and the direction it is going. This isn't going to happen in the next century. However, when it does happen, thanks to social changes, and media on the possibility soaking our culture, it would likely be a very quick transition to AI rights.
02 Jul 2020
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Vlad Pops Робот не может причинить вред человеку или своим бездействием допустить, чтобы человеку был причинён вред. Робот должен повиноваться всем приказам, которые даёт человек, кроме тех случаев, когда эти приказы противоречат Первому Закону. Робот должен заботиться о своей безопасности в той мере, в которой это не противоречит Первому или Второму Законам.
26 Apr 2020
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Cosbar To discuss about that we should wait a long time. Before robots should attend to our life on base level. At least having a robot everywhere.
09 Oct 2019
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Alp This may happen in the future, but not in the near future. 2030 is way too early to say that.
20 Sep 2019
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Gabriel de Jesus Porque os robôs deveriam ter direitos, eles tem um proposito, facilitar a vida humana, e não criar uma nova "especie", o ser humano já não da conta dos problemas que eles mesmo geram, imagina com maquinas altamente capacitadas e com um raciocínio superior, já que eles prevem que um robô em 2050 será mais esperto que a humanidade inteira !
03 Jul 2019
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Баир Цыренов Yes, it is very possible. Since the more I study the psychology of behavior, neurophysiology and the natural sciences, it seems to me that a person is the same robot with its own set of rules, prejudices, dogmas, and does everything as he has in mind. Even installation on self-destruction. This is a very similar program or a robot. And the question arises, can one robot limit the rights of another robot?
08 Feb 2019
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Баир Цыренов Да, это очень возможно. Т.к. чем больше я изучаю психологию поведения, нейрофизиологию и естественные науки, мне кажется что человек такой же робот со своим набором правил, предубеждений, догм, и делает все так как у него в голове заложена установка. Даже установка на самоликвидацию. Это ведь очень похожена программу или робота. И встает вопрос, один робот может ли ограничивать другого робота в правах?
08 Feb 2019
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Boban This is interesting, but for example what would be the robots rights? AI has been having a brakethrough in these past 2 years and by 2030/40/50 it will be a major part of everyday life, and remembering that humans have created the AI mainly for making the human life more easy, not for inventing a new electric species and definitely not for giving a household item or robot made to help a human, same rights as the human
06 Feb 2019
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Fazal Arya I somehow agree with BOBAN. Instead of 'Robot Rights' you can say 'Robot Limitations', you know the 'SkyNet'...
06 Feb 2019
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Johannes Undrits When AI advances to the point where it's indistinguishable from a human mind, or perhaps even superior to it, I don't see any good arguments to privilege humans over inorganic beings.
06 Feb 2019
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