Seattle’s skylines and auto restaurants

As soon as you step into the city as a tourist, you hear a gentle song welcoming you to paradise. Before your eyes is a forest of high-rise buildings, alike famous Jeddah Tower. Nearly 1 km high the tallest skyscraper in the city makes the Space Needle seem insignificant. As you step down, the passenger car retreats and two fluttering robots fly over to get information from you and play tourist guide. In front of you are flying cars, the second most popular vehicle in the city, after underground transportation. Downtown are auto restaurants, where you just sit and choose dishes, quantity, and temperature, after which your dinner will be served as soon as possible. Finally, you pay with your card and leave.

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Jack flying cars would really change the world
28 Sep 2022
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Josh I don't understand the big deal of flying cars.Look They say once you have flying cars than you can fly in the air to avoid traffic and stuff. Wrong Hate to break it to you but that'll be illegal for many reasons. First of all think of it this way Say I have a flying car and I'm flying over your property. Technically that's invasion of privacy and other stuff. Not only that Air or the space above a building is all ready part of that property The only way a car can drive over a building is trough that small space which will literally be scraping the bottom of the car and top of the building. The only way you can drive a car through the air traffic is probably above waters like the ocean but I don't want my something million dollar car damaged from some bored whale playing beach ball mayhem or something cause even if they make flying cars they have to have a limitation on how high it can reach else Elon Musk's hard work of getting people to space over $178 trillion will be a waste and well flying cars can turn into wars and exc.
23 Sep 2021
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mithuran YEP
27 Jun 2020
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Levi It could happen, but remember how back to the future was so wrong?
28 May 2020
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Jack Levi, you are insanely right
28 Sep 2022
Lion Kimbro Just No. I live in Seattle, and I just don't see any way that this could happen, even given twenty years. I wish the "gentle song welcoming you to paradise" were the reason why -- I see it as all too possible, though, and I really wish they would rather not. It would be the next evolution of the Duck rides. I'm not sure if the Seattle Freeze will be thawed in 20 years, and until it does, I don't think talk of "paradise" will be quite welcomed by the residents. As for the flying cars and the tall buildings, that looks like a danger and a lot of noise -- assuming you are using the drone model of flying cars. And for the underground network of transportation, I and others have wished for that for decades in Seattle, but the political will isn't there. That could change as the I-5 traffic gets worse and worse, but for the time being, there are tons of people who don't want to invest in underground, thanks to the failure of Bertha. I can easily imagine surface metro and the Link being extended -- something I think is practically guaranteed. Maybe Elon Musk will change our minds. The food thing is right out, though -- we love our dining, we love our cooks, and the food isn't fuel. That's just a misunderstanding about human interactions with food -- which is mainly about bonding and connecting and enjoying together. There are places for instant food experiences, but tourists aren't going to be interested in that -- that's like traveling to, say, Italy, so that you can sample their McDonalds.
29 Sep 2019
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Phaze I disagree with flying cars
06 Jul 2019
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Dominic N Knecht I disagree with the part where the robots will be your guide and that a song will playing through out the whole city I am assuming. I also disagree because it sounds pretty unrealistic but you have a great imagination
19 Apr 2019
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Jonathon cool
13 Mar 2019
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Victor Rafael Lozada Romero Super
11 Mar 2019
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