Smart masks will become a must-have accessory

The pandemic that has been with us for the past two years has changed the way people think about their health. For many, it led to a realization about how vulnerable the human immune system can be, and today, in most countries, wearing medical masks in public places has already become the norm. At the same time, there are still concerns about the effectiveness of such safeguarding measures. 

But what if scientists manage to develop a ‘smart mask’ that could not only 100% protect a person from viruses, but also eliminate all negative environmental impacts? According to a Kaspersky study, 59% of healthcare workers agree that they would wear a smart mask with embedded sensors to analyze the general air quality and block pollution and viruses, following mass development, even if it is not required by government measures. 

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Julián Sanchez What needs to be done is: one, improving air quality; particularly by making the most polluting countries like China submit to the environmental policy they want other countries to submit to. And two, by playing fair and stop releasing manipulated viruses from labs. That last point was an act of war on the whole world.
26 Jul 2023
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PAOLA DOMENICA PA�I PANAMA The development of a 'smart mask' will revolutionize the way we approach public health and personal well-being. If scientists successfully develop such a technology, it will undoubtedly have a transformative effect on public health and environmental sustainability. The potential benefits of a smart mask with integrated sensors, capable of analyzing air quality and blocking pollution and viruses, are enormous. It would not only provide people with an unprecedented level of protection, but would also contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment for all. However, practical implementation and ethical implications must be carefully considered to ensure its widespread benefits while addressing potential challenges.
23 May 2023
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Jesshua I've already started to see smart masks, not to the extent where they can 100% protect a person from a virus or eliminate environmental impacts, but rather for aesthetics. For example, glow masks and ones that you can type text in through an app. It will also be interesting to see what other elements will the masks come with, as they have been worn mostly due to safety reasons. The most we have right now are masks that have big filters and glow masks managed by apps. Hopefully, we also won't see a lot of those thin and disposable masks on the floor anymore, it is best to make them more long-lasting and reusable and then upgrading if you want. :)
18 May 2022
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Janet Yaxley I agree to some extend. In the medical field, this would be great. Also great for those who are more susceptible due to a low immune system. I am sure that if we concentrate on pollution by low waste management, transport solutions and eco-friendly living conditions, a large portion of issues will fade out. Let me guess ! It will look like a silicone tech creature, which attached itself to your face, like alien facehugger.
21 Feb 2022
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Earth Mother More and more children are now suffering speech difficulties and developmental problems due to a lack of societal integration, for seeing the human face is more important than ANY other form of interaction in our society. Without the ability to see facial expressions, not just on those you know but also strangers we lose a HUGE proportion of our ability to communicate. Face muzzles are nothing but a compliance creation, for the mentally weak, the virtue signallers and those with terrible self esteem issues are more than happy to hide behind a muzzle, but this is NOT how we need to be dealing with mental health issues in our society, we are feeding those with serious problems and creating all sorts of problems for the future. Our society is already breaking down, with years of anti-bullying thrown out the window in favour of bullying people into taking medications they DON'T need for pharmaceutical profits and as a by product creating a whole society of hypochondriacs. But again, this plays straight into the pharma investors, increasing their wealth from increased uptick in people taking medications for imagined or even created illnesses. For wearing muzzles will only lead to many other health issues, including severe lung disorders and cancer, which is now 1 in 2, mostly rising inline with all the WIFI in our society and all the mobile phone mast installations. But, the muzzles contain microplastics and microfibres which is going to cause so many health issues not too dissimilar to asbestos problems in the future. We need to LESSEN the amount of medications we are taking, NOT increase them, we need to ENCOURAGE healthy diets, the importance of fresh fruit and vegetables (NON GMOs, for again these are causing so many problems for our insects, which will eventually cause a complete collapse of our food system if we are not careful), fresh meat (NOT a meat substitute, for meat contains important amino acids) a couple of times a week. If pushing people into vegan or vegetarian diets then they MUST be educated into eating a wide range of foods and NOT just relying on some printed gunk from a tank created in bulk, synthesised foodstuffs are NOT healthy. We also need to interact MORE socially, mixing with as many strangers as possible to keep our immune system working, exercising and getting as much sunlight, where available if there are not too many clouds created in the sky. A healthy life should NOT require ANY vaccinations or ANY medications and we should, 120 years after the first raft of vaccines were rolled out, be attempting to wean ourselves off these synthetic concoctions that contain toxic metals, including aluminium and formaldehyde, or if genetically modified then again, we need to stop, for we have NO knowledge on the lasting damage we are doing to our species and all in the name of PROFIT. Nature is NOT trying to kill us, but our fellow man is and he is also attempting to create a market for more and more medicines, all purely PROFIT driven. We've been sold an horrific message over the past 2 years and this now needs to stop, we need to start living HEALTHIER with less PLASTIC in us and our bloodstreams. Children suffering autism has risen to 1 in 36 and NO, it is NOT due to better diagnoses, it is because many children are pumped full of toxic chemical concoctions by the age of 3. If these are so safe then why do they ALWAYS give them to children BEFORE they are developed, so that any side effects can be hidden, the same as they are now pushing epigenetics, blaming the mother when pregnant for not being healthy enough, yet pumping many pregnant women with an experimental concoction that we have NO idea what an adult dose will have on an unborn feutus. I only had 2 vaccines in my life and I have managed to get to 54, I hardly ever have a cold or flu, the ONLY time I got measles was directly AFTER being given the measles vaccination, I was told it was a 1 in a million chance, but we KNOW that there are many adverse effects that never get reported. We have been sold snake oil for over 120 years, some of it can be helpful, don't get me wrong, but a lot of it is completely unnecessary and we need to start phasing those that are unnecessary and purely for profit out of our lives. We have been continually told that viruses jump species but we still have NO real evidence of this, it is more that scientists have been playing with viruses in the lab, creating Frankenstein viruses which then somehow manage to either escape or in some places, actually get put directly into people, as part of their experimentation. We need to start LIVING to LIVE and not LIVING to DIE.
09 Feb 2022
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Earth Mother Face coverings do absolutely NOTHING for the human species other than harm the children.
09 Feb 2022
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Emily I think a multitude of factors will contribute to the above prediction. A decrease in air quality will occur from the continued development of currently developing states. It will be useful in medical settings, obviously, so it has a strong base to develop from. And people will get more and more concerned about atmospheric particles and the like and their effects on the human body as more knowledge regarding human health is gained.
11 Jan 2022
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Mihai Dracului Just because we are experiencing a pandemic right now, doesn't mean pandemics are here to stay. Since more 60-75% of diseases are zoonotic we might want to consider our relationship to our animals. (Smart) Masks against negative environmental impacts, implies that we don't eliminate the "negative impacts". Let's try to eliminate the root cause and not the masks! I agree though, that most devices will get smarter by 2050.
05 Jan 2022
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Helin Duman Neden olmasın
01 Jan 2022
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Akhtar Roy Helin Duman, hi
05 Jan 2022
Nick Vasin Bullshit))
06 Dec 2021
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