Electronic monarchy

Morocco had a revolution in the middle of the 21st century. And the king itself organised it - he was the first in the world to transfer most of his power to an artificial intelligence. The system is called «Malaika» - in Islam it is a name of an invisible intelligent creature that carries out Allah’s direct orders.

The royal family started to invest in intelligent systems back in the previous century, and now Malaika has most of the responsibilities of a prime minister. Both chambers of the parliament - Majlis – used to have almost 600 members. Now a dozen party representatives are enough; it is fast and easy to poll all citizens on any issue. Malaika gathers this data daily, analyzes it, and consults experts and randomly chosen citizens to shape a consensus. Although the Moroccan monarch still has a right, as before, to amend the parliament’s decisions and even to completely dissolve it, this pioneering approach has given all Moroccans a sense of meaningful participation.

The judicial branch has become even more independent: Members of the Supreme Court, previously appointed by the king, have been replaced by a different and judicious version of the all-knowing and incorruptible Malaika.

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Oleg Latyshev Внедрение интеллектуальных систем в государственное и муниципальное управление может принести как большую пользу, так и ничуть не меньший вред. Если для принятия значимого решения у человека был определённый мотив, и он был использован при создании управляющего искусственного интеллекта, то следует помнить, что осознаваемый мотив не всегда бывает доминирующим. Подсознательные мотивы, которые значительно сложнее отследить и зафиксировать, в действительности могут играть намного более серьёзную роль в судьбе принятия управленческого решения, нежели сознательные. И это будет происходить несмотря на то, что о существовании подсознательных мотивов подавляющее большинство участников процесса управления может не только не знать, но даже и не догадываться. Что же касается судебной системы, то машине тем более нельзя доверять судьбу человека ни при каких обстоятельствах.
26 Aug 2021
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Oleg Latyshev The introduction of intelligent systems into state and municipal administration can bring both great benefits and no less harm. If a person had a certain motive for making a meaningful decision, and it was used to create a controlling artificial intelligence, then it should be remembered that the perceived motive is not always dominant. Subconscious motives, which are much more difficult to track and record, in reality can play a much more serious role in the fate of managerial decision-making than conscious ones. And this will happen despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of participants in the management process may not only be unaware of the existence of subconscious motives, but may not even guess. As far as the judicial system is concerned, the machine, all the more, cannot be trusted with the fate of a person under any circumstances.
26 Aug 2021
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Önder Asan why not
09 Apr 2020
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Alex And what happens when the power channel that is powering this system of *floating cities* gets powered down? Is everybody left to drown? Why will Humans flex on their intelligence with floating cities instead of pillared cities that are more safe?
26 Feb 2020
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Zak Wilson Super Ai will control everything in every place on earth..... you are correct.
18 Nov 2019
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Tacys The step by an royal family is great ! I wish this for every country.
24 Oct 2019
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Tacys You cant do that in a democracy , because people in the goverment wouldnt choose there own unemployment.
24 Oct 2019
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Jawad Bouich I do not think Morocco will develope to be exctelly like what you described with " The Future Of Morocco ", it needs more than 30 years to be the same.
26 Sep 2019
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Ken Clinton Crypto-AI based governance. I have foreseen this for humanity as we wish to play more and work less.
02 Sep 2019
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