Cities are comprised of multifunctional skyscrapers, each of which is a full-fledged settlement its own right. On some floors, factories operate, on others, offices can be found, there is a room for shops, entertainment centres, and educational institutions - all in addition to residential areas. People can lead a full life for years without ever leaving the building.

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Enzo DeMartini The buildings will be able to grow into full cities and people will have shoes that can harness gravity so that people can walk on any surface.
03 May 2020
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Dragoncat By being able to live full lives in the building, it does not mean you would not leave, or be stopped from leaving, it just means that your life is in the building, though you can still leave for any reason you want, its just a place for everything to be done, though it seems unlikely to to happen, your better of with magnetically levitated or gas-lifted cities taking up the sky's as places to put people, than to have some big land skyscrapers.
04 May 2019
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Juan Camilo Silva Zambrano the expansion of the cities in the future will no longer be horizontal and rather vertical, each building has to be like that, as if it were a compact and ecological city.
09 Apr 2019
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Eric Poyntz Juan Camilo Silva Zambrano, That's pretty much happening now in Vancouver
05 Jun 2021
bol is magnatizm of eath is beeing affected by the invention made if not will be their a breacking point 4 it??????
07 Mar 2019
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Davidchkhenkeli Will there be banks and markets?
06 Feb 2019
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Huang Weihong Play Overwatch. There's a nice representation of such building called LiJiang Tower.
06 Feb 2019
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Seanteais No i would disagree on this factor.people have instinct and to never walk outside would be something that would make people confined and it highly unlikely that people would take being stuck inside look at us now we are taught to go outside view the world even though alot of what we need ks being created to stay in the house most jobs that are technological work like insurance agencies calling loan places. Businesses and even i.T's can mainly work from have xbox and ps4 which can control everything and drones that can drop off your food.yet we as humans still feel the need to go outside. For this to happen it would take alot of brainwashing skills from corporation and media and no not like "the gov't is after me dude" type stuff but tecnique for business that we use today as entrepreneurs to get the idea or product sold. People even in our cyber world generation feel the need to be connected spiritually and physicly even in habit we may not even know we are trying to but we do. So to never a leave a building would be enevidibly impossible.we question what we are told these days we do not just give in and have trust like the old fashion ways our minds are more us the oppritunity to actually be smarter. And someone pretty much telling us to stay inside is one thing we will not do because they want us to do it. This being said we would have to A consciously but unconciously get people to do it themselves and find no reason to go outside themselves . If even being told once without proof of some physiclal reason why ( like bad atmosphere problems, as is the air is poisonous, mass fog from carbon dioxide, less oxygen, war chaos, or just pure brutal harm which i would doubt be a tecnique used) people would still fill the need to go outside.
06 Feb 2019
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Eric Poyntz Seanteais, I don't think he means everyone will just live inside their skyscraper. Altho I do think the people that we see that never leave small towns will live 80% of their lives in those buildings
05 Jun 2021
Codo Fleckins Take a look at Whittier, Alaska.
06 Feb 2019
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Sam Funny, because that is already starting to happen. :)
06 Feb 2019
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Andrew Plum I agree with all of that although the buildings would have to be quite wide. This would require hundreds of feet of foundation and the pollution in the air - especially in China - would be a major factor in building such massive structures. They would wear down a lot easier because of the weight put on the foundation. Storms strong enough would kill hundreds of people that were in the building.
06 Feb 2019
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czh 不如说会有更多的阶级分化
06 Feb 2019
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