Relationships of the future – sex with robots

According to the UK futurists, in 2050 sexual contact between a person and an electronic device or a robot will occur more frequently than between two people. Futurologist Ian Pearson predicts the spread of sex toys interacting with augmented and virtual reality. New technologies will bring an intimate relationship with robots to such a level that they will not differ from interpersonal contact.

Even now, relations between men and women are often too complicated: arguments, confusion, stress, the fatigue of one or both partners have a negative impact on the quality and frequency of sex. The use of robots with the ability to dive into virtual reality will unleash the imagination and spice up one’s sex life. Single people, will have a sex life and those in a relationship will be able to resist the temptation to cheat.

I wonder how fast we will witness the appearance of social movements to defend robots from sexual oppression. Will robo-rights defenders emerge? Will hacker programs intended to reboot robots’ minds and free them of the sex function become a reality?

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Mario Pandapotan i like the illustration because taking from meme.. hahaha.. but in serious issue, it will be bad. as Bill Burr said, as we developed from using blow up doll into using robot with Victoria Secret model body / face type, we will become weak.. and if you ask then who will be still have biological sex relationship? Ironically the hippies and the hobo's.. it's really funny, but it's true..
11 Jan 2023
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Emad Fathy Great
22 Dec 2022
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Jay Been saying this for a long time. Feminism and the sexual revolution destroyed monogamy, the institution of marriage, courtship, and relationships. Birth rate has been declining and there are more women single and childless at 30 than ever before. That number is set to explode in the coming years as well. I welcome this idea. Men have been staying single and out of relationships for a while now, choosing to avoid women and the environment they have created. They will melt down once they stop receiving attention and access to leech off men.
21 Apr 2022
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10 Apr 2022
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Troy Fortner Jr. lol will see a drastic decrease in the population. Well, human population that is.
10 Apr 2022
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éxypnos if this is whats gonna happen in 2050, then i dont wanna live that long lol
10 Feb 2022
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Gabriel Quintero hell no and hell no that thing will record you having sex with it never ever in you people live have sex with a robot
26 Jan 2022
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Y. Jia Jun great way to reduce STD
21 Jan 2022
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Shubhankar Chavan Everythings fine until the robot records you having sex and uploads it on the internet
14 Jan 2022
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prayoga wicaksono w lmaooo
24 Jan 2022
Gabriel Quintero Shubhankar Chavan, i agrre with you
26 Jan 2022
Aech Shubhankar Chavan, lol i agree with you
05 Jun 2022
Jackson Scott everybodys fine until robots can get pregnant
24 Dec 2021
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Dzepş Kaynar no,in these time peoples with each other dont speak and not have a dialog with it's very dangerous and you say''PEOPLES İN 2050 sex with robots'' haha no is a stupid idea
24 Jan 2021
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Samuel The problem that I see immediately would be that the robots would be programmed to make "perfect" sex adapting to your desires. This will make sex between humans less good. There would only be the side of desire in addition unless you can even feel it for a robot.
15 Feb 2020
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Aech Samuel, yes, i agree with you,
05 Jun 2022
chrismacharia Samuel, very true
10 Jan 2023
Owen Shaughnessy Has anyone played "Detroit: Become Human"? It very well could be the track we're on. I don't like the idea that they might replace real human interaction, but they could be useful for things humans may not be able to do. Robots are meant to serve. Not replace. Don't put an AI in them either. I don't want to buy a service robot only for it to learn it doesn't like servitude and try to kill me for enslaving it.
22 Mar 2019
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Aech Owen Shaughnessy, ahh its so deep bro
05 Jun 2022