Ride like the wind

The internal combustion engine is becoming outdated: it is going to be replaced in the environmental technology market by eco-tecnology. In particular, by vehicles with a rigid sail on the roof, which automatically rotates with the wind. Of course, the wind does not push the car forward like a sailing boat, instead, its energy is captured and converted into electricity. In addition, the sail also functions as a solar panel, which transfers the energy required for the movement of a car from this heavenly body.

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Veer Gobari Car might using heat energy or solar energy to convert into electricity and start the car and ride.
24 Feb 2022
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Reyes Vasquez Meztli Cezasi 93 / 5000 Resultados de traducción I like the idea, and I really feel that it is a great opportunity and a breakthrough for the future. UwU
07 Sep 2021
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Alex Reyes Vasquez Meztli Cezasi, tremendo el google translate
12 May 2022
Ebenezer Majesty Sahr LEIBA maybe some cars are not going to be using gas
18 Oct 2020
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Jessey Baillargeon actually this is already happpening gasoline fueled cars and gas stations will be gone by 2040. this is why i hate closed mnded people they dont bother to look uthings like this up.
24 Jul 2020
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Woter Jessey Baillargeon, lmao
14 Nov 2021
James Studer I hope this site gets to more people because the majority of people here now that comment either aren't very intelligent or the ones that are don't stay up to date on current news. Internal combustion engines are already, sadly, being phased out. The best way would be a mix of wind, solar, and hydrogen power. on cloudy days you could use hydrogen to power the car but on sunny days you could use the solar panels. And use the wind power to power things inside the car like the radio/gps etc.
05 Dec 2019
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Roger I feel that cars, one day might not need gas to run off of. Instead, maybe they will be solar or wind-powered? It's also possible to m ake cars run off of water. (Though it takes a lot of work.)
04 Oct 2019
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Mattéo Je ne pense pas vraiment que cela se passe puisque déja ils avaient prévu d'autres trucs pour cette année 2019, mais ca ne s'est pas passé !
04 Jul 2019
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Lukeson Gaming the combustion engine will not go outdated mainly because is cheap to make especially in 2040+
06 May 2019
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Owen Shaughnessy What you have to understand is, how efficient is this technology? The combustion engine wastes a lot of energy as heat and noise and more to friction. This number is not something un-calculable but estimable. Another thing is, wind doesn't blow all the time. Sure it runs by your car when you move, but you need to start moving in order to utilize it. Even then, you might not make much power if your turbine isn't efficient enough. You're better off with an electric motor or combustion engine or when the time comes, hydrogen power. Solar is useful in that it is plentiful... but only during the day. Where do you get power when you can't see the sun or no wind blows? Sure you can store the energy, but assuming solar panels become efficient enough, how much do you really get? What if you run out? You also need to cool the panels to keep them from warping, messing up your flow of electricity. Once again, you're better off with conventional technology. Coal power makes up over sixty percent of power generation currently in Missouri alone (where I live). That's not changing soon. Hate to burst everyone's bubble. In order to generate the same amount of potential energy in every gas station on the planet for use in electric car charging stations, you would need five coal power plants PER STATION! And this is with today's technology! This is also assuming electricity is in equal demand as gasoline. To phase out the combustion engine would be nearly impossible unless technology for generation of power via the grid is vastly improved.
22 Mar 2019
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Alexis Arellano I agree
08 Mar 2023