Service with a human face, or why people need people

Almost all the service industry falls on the shoulders of AI today. In beauty salons, robot stylists can give you a haircut just like a famous influencer, or make-up from the latest season of a popular TV series, in a matter of minutes. Schools, colleges and institutes have robot teachers, and you won’t be able to be a teacher’s pet or their “pet hate”. They’ll accurately record your grades and have boundless patience. In pharmacies, robotic pharmacists make diagnoses right on the spot. After analyzing symptoms using dozens of sensors and taking analyses, they can select a course of treatment, or if required, send you to see a robot doctor.

The future has arrived. The “human factor” is no longer a problem, because robots don’t make mistakes, don’t get sick, and don’t get tired. Human service workers are a rarity now. But, as is often the case with rarities, “human” service has become a luxury, that only the most well-off clients can afford. That is why being a human nanny, a human waiter, or even a human courier, is now prestigious and lucrative.

“Human” service now meets standards that in the past only seemed real for machines. There is no place for long waits, incompetence or conflicts here. High demands on candidates and continuous competition, and many years of training in psychology, communication theory and practice leave the industry with truly outstanding professionals. And these people can offer what a robot competitor cannot — emotional contact, sincere care, and humor. That is why clients are served by human waiters at most luxurious restaurants, for example.

At the same time, in their constant interaction with robots, people start to feel more and more trapped in the narrative of predictable user scenarios. And this life, optimized and tamed, has begun to resemble virtual reality. In this sense, “human” service becomes an outlet for those who can afford it, and simultaneously, a solution to the complex demands of the time.

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Imam Syafiih manut pusat ae
03 Jan 2024
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Dwidipa Mahatma Manut
24 Nov 2023
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Alawiz Me Manut panitia
12 Aug 2023
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Roxana Fajardo I do not agree because if robots take control of I don’t agree because if robots take control of everything we do, many people will be unemployed or with nothing to do, since they will do everything that humans do without getting tired and because robots don’t have the essence that we possess as it is showing emotions.
23 May 2023
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EVELYN PRISCILA ARMIJOS CRIOLLO I dont agree with the because all the people hace a essence so special and the face is the most relevant becuase with it we can show our emotions and if a robot had a human face this situation will be rare in my opinion and I think a famous face is not important. The people can be receive help without a machine like a human besides it would be uncomfortable for the children and seniors. Robots are robots.
22 May 2023
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PAULA DANIELA FIGUEROA GONZALEZ EVELYN PRISCILA ARMIJOS CRIOLLO, as you, I disagree because we need certain limits that mark the difference between humanity and technology.
22 May 2023
Sofi Vélez Vanegas I agree because, It will ve dificult to think about a society without human care. Humans are dependent in many stages of our lifes, that means that we need to feeling afection, emotions, we are really sensitive, and these things can't be replaced by machines.
22 May 2023
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Zidan Arkhan Wijaya jakarta telelep bg
25 Apr 2023
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Fakhri Al Fattaah jakarta tenggelem bang
21 Apr 2023
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Virgo Ras Fakhri Al Fattaah, halo aku suka baget nonton kamu bang
25 Jun 2023
Griffin Dehoyos I do not think that this will come to be, as if this does, almost the whole world will be unemployed. The governments of countries will have to put a limit on how many robots an institution can have and what jobs they can and can't do in order to prevent an unemployment crisis.
03 Mar 2023
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Krzystoff Griffin Dehoyos, that is an issue, but the idea of UBI is intended to fill that gap, though that may lead to unprecedented levels of inequality of it's not done very carefully
19 May 2023
cesar augusto galeano ramirez Si nesecitemos IA para organicen recursos por qué en mil años no pudieron.
24 Feb 2023
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cesar augusto galeano ramirez Que si utilizamos robots pienso que si en la medida de su desarrollo conciente de cada civilización, si están muy atrasados, o están en caos o a punto de pasar del punto de equilibrio natural. Cómo nosotros ahora, que nos tienen como experimentos para sus debilidades y errores del futuro por qué tienen más temor de cambiar su presente y huir haca dónde se sienten más auténticos con sus verdaderos yo jugando si asumir sus vidas.
24 Feb 2023
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cesar augusto galeano ramirez Valoren las acciones no los resultados, y dejen cualificar, todos somos buenos en algo, por don propio, pero es bueno que todos experimentemos esos oficios que no quisiéramos hacer, propongo buscar un equilibrio del futuro el presente y pasado. Debemos hacer esas tareas repetitivas en un periodo de vida y disfrutar de ellas seamos buenos o malos, te aseguro pasarás por hay pero aprenderas, y valoramos las acciones más no el resultado por que estuvimos hay y sufrimos reímos mucho tiempo y disfrutamos de esa tarea en lo fue o lo no fue en esa 4 horas de tu vida de aprendizajes repetitivos.
24 Feb 2023
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boby simanjuntak what is?
30 Jan 2023
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Azzam I Dont Know
03 Jan 2023
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