Earth is a perfect cybernetic system

The Holocene calendar, which starts from the year 10,000 BC — the approximate date of the beginning of human civilization — is becoming conventional. The world’s population is touching 9.7 billion people, as predicted by UN analysts. Having exhausted its reserves of oil and other mineral resources, humankind is switching to alternative energy: solar, wind, tidal. Red lists are a thing of the past — people have stopped destroying ecosystems following the introduction of severe penalties for poaching and environmental pollution. Populations of rare species are growing; new breeds of domestic animals are appearing.

To make room for power plants, people congregate in gigapolises — cities of more than 100 million inhabitants. Their skyscrapers not only reach for the clouds, but burrow hundreds of meters underground, saving energy and space. Inside the gigapolises, the most practical modes of transport are electric cars and flying taxis, while between them, hypersonic planes whizz back and forth at speeds of up to 15,000 km/h. The world is united as one country called Humanity. Cities take on the role of countries, which are now borderless. Without competition between states, trade wars have ceased, prices have settled, and inflation is close to zero.

People are actively exploring the ocean depths, and with the demise of countries, two new systems have appeared: the Map of Humanity and the Map of the Global Ocean.
The human being of the future will be more like a cyborg, with computerized body parts. Ever more jobs are done by robots, and people are entering heuristic fields of activity or traveling around the world. Against this backdrop, the level of education and lifelong learning are vital for career growth and indicators of human value. To assimilate information, experts of the future are assisted by digital lenses and glasses, as well as diets that maximize the use of mental faculties. Cooking is becoming a hobby, not a daily requirement.

Since money is now completely electronic, cybersecurity is the most important branch of information technology; all the same, severe penalties remain in place for most crimes.

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gyggz It's doubtful that this may happen in 30 years' time, but who knows what time will tell, even if all proof is pointing that the Earth and everyone in it is going to be going to shit in that same timeframe.
20 Jul 2022
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Ктулху Доброго времени читатель , это интересный форум и я его только нашел 26.02.21. ,и все обсуждают как там будет через 29 лет ,какие прорывные технологии ждут нас: нано органы железные плозмо руки ,альтернативные источники топлива и тп. реально вероятный исход событий проще -не выгодно делать копеечный источник энергии пока не продали огромные запасы нефти и природного газа , возможно из заэтого начнется 3 мировая и мы впадем в регрес возможно те предположения о которых говорите вы начнутся чуть позже , возможно я заблуждаюсь , но такая штука это все то что мы ожидаем от 50 г скорее всего уже есть просто надо продать все технологии по возрастанию дабы срубить большую прибыль или сделать илюзию .................................................... ........................ . Вот короче говоря изменения в лутшим варианте будут но не такие грандиозные . в даказательство некоторых слов могу дать факт что Тесла открыл беспроводную энергию но его фиксанули по тому что он прыгнул на голову прогресса выше . ну поживем увидим .актуальная фраза и через ... до машины время ни лет. надеюсь все будет хорошо не будет генацида .войн. выпуска вирусов с целью сокращения населения , и прочей хери .надеюсь мой пост не удалят потому что я говорю в цвет
26 Feb 2021
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Ольга Наумчик Домашние животные вряд-ли. Уже сейчас люди задумываются, что это не этично.
07 Dec 2020
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Freddy Bruxelles this is all in 30 years' time? i don't think so.
15 Jun 2020
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CQT There will have many ethic problems
09 Apr 2020
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Tobi Ayeni I agree with this prediction but, I believe that other forms of transportation like tunnels Elon musk's company ( the boring company ) is currently building under LA would be as popular if not more as they could take faster to certain designated places faster than an autonomous vehicle on the road due to speed limits.
28 Mar 2020
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